Tuesday, 25 February 2014

T on Tuesday

If I quietly pop my head round the door and whisper 'I'm back'.... you think people would forgive me for the complete lack of updating this blog?    I hope so! LOL
So I thought I would join Elizabeth for T on Tuesday and find out what has been happening the last few months whilst I have enjoyed my Mum's visit, my son's visit, my niece and her partner's visit.... yes, I have been pretty busy and not done any crafting at all!
I had a lovely time though, and really enjoyed the company and am now finding the house a wee bit quiet so need to get my brain and mojo in gear to start making things again.

So I went upstairs and twirled the assortment of teas and coffees and have gone for a frothy coffee...
and returned downstairs to my scraproom where I am playing with a large metal saw blade I found while out walking... and I had to pick it up and bring it home, didn't I? LOL
This was the saw blade before I started on it... 
and I have to use this Tim Holtz stamp on it somewhere.... perfect for it, don't you agree?
So that is me, this Tuesday, playing nicely in the scrap room and will be wandering abut visiting people when they wake up to their Tuesday too! :)


  1. I'm delighted you are back. I was just going to send out a distress call to see if anyone knew where you were. So glad to read you have returned.

    Not sure why, but none of your pictures are showing on my computer. I even shut the computer down and restarted, thinking that might be it, but I have the same problem. I'm going to try it a third time, because I want to see that saw blade you picked up for FREE.

    Thanks again for joining the fun and madness of T(ea) this Tuesday.

    BTW, I'll be back again to see if I can see any of your pictures. Even your WOYWW button and others on the right side of your blog are missing.

  2. I couldn't see Krisha's photos, either, so I shut down a second time. Now I see what you meant by "twirling" your teas and coffees.

    You did a fantastic job with that saw blade. Lots of lovely gears and die cut timepiece. And that stamp is definitely one I should have (grin). That's SO true and the saying fits both of us so well.

    Once again, Happy T(ea) and I'm so glad you're back.

  3. Lovely to have you back in Blogland Annette and that saw blade is looking super.

    How lovely to have had all those guests but it must have been rather exhausting having three lots on the trot.

    Hope you enjoyed your frothy coffee and I look forward to seeing what other makes you are going to come up with.

    Toni xx

  4. Sounds like everyone likes to visit with you - that should make you feel pretty special.

    Like your rusty blade and yes indeed the stamp is perfect to use with it. Will await pics of the finished project.

    Darla - Happy T Day

  5. Glad you enjoyed all the visits with your family, and it is so nice to have you back sharing your amazing craft skills! That was quite an interesting find on your walk, and you did a beautiful job with all the gears. The stamp say it all so well!

  6. Hi Honey. Lookie who has joined in with the tea/coffee malarky!! Yep me!
    Wouldn't I like to have a play with your coffee twirly thingemeyjig!Only thing is I would like to play with one before I buy as they be xpensive!
    So glad you picked that saw blade up. T'would have been so rude not to! What you are doing is looking good!
    Hugs from Blighty!

  7. that is a fancy looking coffee set-up, and a terrific 'found' art piece in the making! happy T day!

  8. having relatives come to visit sounds like something that would get priority over blog updating, but i'm glad you shared your saw blade creation. fun! :)

  9. Good to see you again! And yes of course you had to stop and pick that up! Score! Can't wait to see the completed project. Love that stamp too...perfect!
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. So nice to "see" you again...missed you Lady!
    Spending time with family sounds special and oh so nice...
    I would not have been able to pass up that saw blade either...fab rescue and transformation...
    Wishing you a Happy T Day with that perfect mug of yours

  11. Happy T day! Sounds like such a fun time with your loved ones-it must feel very quiet now. Love that blade you found and are creating with-fabulous for the steampunk look!

  12. Wow! what a find! I too love creating with found objects. Hope to see more of your art soon.

  13. Welcome back! How nice to have some company and a noisy house. I would be too afraid to play with the saw blade, probably cut myself. You did a great job though, how fun and clever. Love the quote.

    Enjoy the quiet time in your craft space. Happy T day!

  14. Welcome back for T-day.
    But of course you HAD to bring that saw blade back with you. You couldn't have shown your face here if you had let it lay there...LOL

    LOVE the direction your are going with the blade, can't wait to see the final project.

  15. I love the saw blade and yes the stamp is so perfect :) can't wait to see what all you do with it. I quit my blog for a while but never the tea :)

  16. Happy T-day!
    Wow quite a coffee setup you have going there.
    Really cool blade ... reminded of steampunk stuff. Can't wait to see it finished.

  17. What a great idea for a piece of art! Perhaps I'll do something similar one day for my brother (he's a carpenter), if ever I should come across a saw blade that's just begging to be altered. Well, actually, like Dawn, I'd probably be too scared of cutting myself to use a saw blade. Maybe I could think of some less dangerous tool to alter, LOL!

    Happy T Day! I know it's already Wednesday Down Under, but it's still Tuesday here. :)

  18. that is so funny! i have been absent for about the same amount of time as you . . . and this is my first day back also. . . . i had so much going on, and just needed a break. anyway i'm back, so are you to welcome back to both of us.

    love the saw blade - i've covered them with a vintage clock face, and they look great . . . but i also like it just like it is.

  19. Hey Mrs Crafty lady xx love the found art project, I just know you are going to have such fun with it!!

  20. Thanks for your comments. I love your saw blade! My hubby is a carpenter amongst other things and I know he has given away old saw blades for similar purposes. One friend has even painted a picture on one. Can't wait ti see what you do with it!

  21. Wow! You have had a lot of company!
    Yes! You have to use that stamp somewhere on the gears--absolutely!!
    Happy belated T-Day! :)


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