Sunday, 2 March 2014


Here is the saw blade I found on the side of road, pretty unrecognisable now!
This is what it looked like.
Close up of one of the Tim Holtz angel wings and some of the cogs.
The cogs were all made from chipboard and either painted to look like metal or papered for contrast.
I added a few brass cog and wheels to the centres of some.
It was fun to get painty and inky again after so long! :)


  1. Love the finished piece. Amazing painting to get all the pieces looked like real metal. Love the steampunk look.

  2. It's superb,never would have guessed what it was originally x

  3. This is fabulous Annette. What a super creation from something found by the roadside.

    Toni xx

  4. Fandabbydozey Annette! Cracking job there. Love it.

  5. A person after my own heart. I love found objects and would love to use this during my 22 days of April. What a fabulous piece you made with a bit of paint, chipboard, and paper. You make art to die for, dear Annette.

  6. for me to see some of your awesome, inspiring art! I walk with my head down now ever looking!

  7. I am swooning over this and absolutely love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing the finished project.


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