Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Good grief, the days are disappearing at a rate of knots on the one hand... my being ready for Christmas seems to be escaping me at every turn and waiting for the replacement worktops for my kitchen seems to be taking so darn looooong... they are 'hoping' to have them ready to install on the 17th December... which is worrying as it doesn't really leave much in the way of margins to make this a total disaster... and let me tell you, since September I have spent way too much time without worktops and a sink and tap and hob.... especially when originally it would all take 7-10 days.... yeah... they just didn't specify that those 7 - 10 days might have weeks dispersed through them!! ;)
Anyways... enough of my moaning... you aren't here for that but to see my workdesk on this chilly frosty December morning!  I am working on a large envelope style book... it is a work in progress at the moment... which I am making for the same lady that I had a gift wrapped for her birthday last week... she liked her scarf... was totally appreciative and enjoyed the lunch I treated her too but she loved that envelope style packaging I wrapped her gift in... LOL... no, honest, she hugged it to her chest with glee because it had her name on it.... and told me she was going to use to keep her letters in....
So for Christmas I am making her an envelope book to keep her letters in, and a section for postcards and another for notelets and another for bits and bobs and writing paraphanalia... you get the idea?  This is the front cover... it is supposed to look like an airmail letter.... 
oh and look what I got!!  From Toni aka Misteejay, my first Christmas card and the most beautifully hand knitted scarf you could wish for...  thank you so much Toni, it is wonderful!!
and I got this in the Black Friday sales... online... I didn't leave the house to battle the people in the street... so now I have a fabby new printer and can print things again!!  Yay!!!


  1. I'm too busy trying to play catch up to join WOYWW this week, but wanted to stop by and say hi. I read that you were making that book when I went to Julia's yesterday. What fun she'll have.

    Looks like your first Christmas card and gift were winners. Gotta love them. And a new printer, too. I am glad you finally got something that will print that you like. Somehow I think it looks like my scanner (grin).

    Have a great week, especially if you don't hear from me again for awhile. I FINALLY got my Christmas decorations out today, but haven't put them in place yet. I'm hoping to do that on Thursday, since tomorrow I have about sixty errands to run. OK, maybe not sixty, but 30 at least.

  2. The letter holder looks fabulous, I am sure she will love it! What a beautiful gift you received, I thought for a second you'd been rummaging in my ribbon box which looks a similar tangle, but what a lovely scarf!
    I should have looked for a printer on Friday too.. missed a trick there. Helen 8

  3. I love your envelope book's you should do a tutorial I would love to see more...
    I wish it was chilly here I can only dream of a cold Christmas, but alas live in Australia where we'll be in the pool and outside in the hot summer sun....
    Have a great week crafting...

    Maria No:17

  4. What a delightful scarf you got, a a "C" card. I got an early one too.
    I just love the envelope that you are doing - I think you should write a book showing us how to make all these goodies that you seem to be so darned good at. I'd be first in the queue for purchasing.
    Sorry about the kitchen, I am disappearing in treacle as far as Christmas is concerned but at least I have a kitchen top.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  5. Hi- what a lucky lady to get your beautiful goodies - the album will be gorgeous. Enjoy playing with your new printer, and have a great WOYWW, Chris # 15

  6. Wow love your envelope book, what a great idea. Hooray for online shopping especially in cold winter
    Bridget #4

  7. Your kitchen time seems better then mine lol just finally got our stove hooked up today so excited it's been over a year and 1/2 since I baked anything. Can't wait to play with my new oven. Congrats on the new printer looks good hugs Nikki 1

  8. Lovely idea, making the envelope book if Your friend enjoyed the packaging of her first prezzy so much!
    How lovely to receive gifts from WOYWWI friends, I've been blessed like that this week too :-)
    Fingers crossed you get your kitchen sorted...that's a blooming long time to wait!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  9. Yay printer sorted. Loving the envelope style book hun, beautiful and how gorgeous is that scarf and card from Toni!

  10. Fingers crossed for the work tops! Love the beautiful scarf and card from Toni too. The idea of the envelope book is just fabulous and agree I would buy your book too if your wrote one. Hope Pandy and Tom Tom are behaving xx

  11. The envelope looks fabulous Annette.
    Sorry to hear that your kitchen is still not completed but on the bright side you have a new printer - I couldn't wait for Black Friday so got mine a few weeks ago.
    So glad you liked your scarf and that it arrived safe & sound.
    Toni xx

  12. Grrrr to renovations, wonderful ideas and plans but the process is so frustrating. Our first bathroom renovation took 3 months !!! Hope all works out well and within the time frame.
    sandra de @29

  13. I really love your envelope book Annette and I'm totally with you about your kitchen work tops. I can't believe the struggle you're having with them. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted out in time for the big day.
    Annie x. #23

  14. Your envelope book looks amazing - I wouldn't mind taking a closer look at it! I don't blame your not wanting to brave the high street at this time of year. Thank goodness for online shopping, hey? Enjoy your new printer! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #30

  15. Oh my goodness I do hope your get the kitchen back to normal soon. Love the envelope idea - looks great. Cheers RobynO#26

  16. Sounds like you are trying to have renovations done here in South Africa...that 7 to 10 day is always padded out...#24

  17. An envelope book is such a brilliant idea! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  18. Hi Neighbor- there is something special about the first christmas card. Mine was from my Dentist- does that count?
    Thanks for visiting ,Robyn 6

  19. I know you are needing your kitchen back but if it's not ready by Christmas maybe that's a good excuse to go and stay somwhere and not do all that cooking and stuff Lol!
    Welldone with the online shopping.
    Have a great week, Angela x 28

  20. Great looking scarf - love the colours ! Ali #51

  21. Gulp!! Are you living in Spain these days then? Gee whizz...these builders say they are begging for work then take forever!! I am having issues with a plasterer here!
    That envelope book looks great. Please share when finished!

  22. Oh my goodness you will hopefully get your new kitchen installed on my birthday the 17th December now won't that be a long awaited blessing. It seems like forever this has been happening and I am not having to cope with it like you are on a daily basis, how on earth have you remained sane. Oh and what a beauty and new printer. That sure does help the kitchen blues go away.

    Happy Belated WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 61

  23. 1. sorry about the renovation thing,
    2. the envelope book is a great idea
    3. i want to see a pix of you wearing the scarf(can't tell what it looks like all bunched up)

    ps: you have had a busy week!

  24. First, let me apologize for being so darn late getting round to your WOYWW desk. Where the time goes I know not! :D I love your new scarf, the colors are fab. What a sweet story about making that envelope book for your friend!
    Hugs and see you again in a couple days for this week's WOYWW!
    Beth P


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