Sunday, 30 November 2014

December Daily

I have done Journal Your Christmas for quite a few years, with mixed success on the completion but... the ones that I have completed, are in fact, some of my favourite books because they take me back to that time, the journalling is relevant, the photos are wonderful.... so when I was noseying about on Facebook and noticed that an old scrapping friend from South Africa had asked a couple of the other girls if they wanted to do December Daily I invited myself along for the ride! LOL  They are being very polite about it so far... didn't seem to mind me tagging along... so I thought I had better put something together zippety quick ready for Monday...
Lots of pocket pages and tags that will make keeping up with each day a little bit easier.

Fold over journalling spots... makes it easy to add your notes and any photos.

Slide out tags for journalling and photos.

Folded journalling spots.

Tall narrow pages with spots for tags behind the centre strip.

Same as above... for those days when there is very little to say!

Another narrow page for journalling.

Pocket page, with central pocket for tags and then side pockets for tags also.
I have left the pages pretty minimal for the moment and will be able to add to them as I go along each day.... yep, you guessed it... its going to end up one of those fat monstrous unruly books of mine...

Tags and pockets....

Fold out page with lots of places for journalling.

Another page for photos and words.

Pocket on front with lots of tags.
Now... if you know Ali Edwards style of scrapping and have seen December Daily pages you will be thinking... what on earth is Annette doing? LOL  Well, I can't do that style with ease... but I can do this... so I see no point in making the entire thing a pain in the bum when it will turn out looking like a great big fat mini book no matter what... so I have gone with what I like... and just hope that Ali Edwards never spots this version or she may just have a hissy fit.... ;)


  1. Holy Christmas Tree, Annette. When you do Christmas, you do CHRISTMAS. This is going to be beautiful, and I SO look forward to seeing how it turns out. I'm sure you will finish it, too. Of course, I'll be watching daily to see what you create that day.

    In a way, this reminds me of a similar book I saw last year at my favorite stamp, scrap, and mixed media store. It was gorgeous, with all the lovely pages someone created. I think it was designed for a class they planned to have.

    BTW, not sure who Ali Edwards is, but I LOVE your mini-book. I think she will be jealous, because you did it YOUR WAY!

  2. Forgot to say how much I liked how you used the two papers on those tall pages. The use of the same paper with one as the background, then the other as the background, made me smile.

  3. Wow Annette - that is going to be one fabulous book. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
    Toni xx

  4. Annette that is utterly gorgeous and it's going to look amazing when it's done - I always remember your JYC where you had to bind it all on two sides because it was so big!

  5. This is gorgeous Annette. I have been doing a December album myself for about 5 years now and today I am sharing mine. I do love to look back at them, I have even included antibiotic packets as they are all part of December!
    Enjoy yours.


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