Tuesday, 3 November 2015

T on Tuesday

I am trying to beat this mojo block.... it is so weird, I always used crafting and scrapping as a way to fill the time when we were overseas and Chris was at work.  Now we are home and Chris is retired it seems weird to go sit in the scraproom and play for hours... when there is a house to clean and jobs to be done! LOL
So, I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T on Tuesday....
a cup of chai tea in my new cup and saucer... Keep Calm in London!  

I have been sitting at my desk and making a little tea book, I have enough to make two, so if they turn out the way I think they should, I may make a few more as gifts seeing as how the big C word is looming over us.
I am thinking I need a challenge to get me playing again... 

Oh and my bedroom is painted and the new bedding is looking good, so that is another room ticked off the list!
and here is Pandora sitting on my little table with the sewing machine... just so that anything I make is covered in white cat fur,,,, as it should be! ;)
Looking forward to visiting and finding out what everyone is up to!


  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful, and Pandora is gracing the scene as only a cat can. Love the new tea cup. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Blocks are frustrating, but I know you'll feel the creativity flowing soon :) Happy T Tuesday!

  3. Beautiful bedroom!!
    We have finally gotten some much needed rain, but that also knocks out some work for DH so he is home. This gives me a taste of him retiring........not to sure it is a good taste or not...LOL. He is sometimes worse than having little kids in the house.

    There is always so many things I "need" to do, but can always find an excuse not to do them.....even if it's just sitting at my craft desk and staring at my supplies!
    Happy T-day

  4. Your bedroom is an oasis of calm. I bet you sleep very well in there. Your cat is beautiful! Happy T Day :D

  5. I can't wait for you to start a new chapter in mixed media, dear friend. I adore that bedroom, and the colors are especially perfect for the upcoming winter months.

    Golly, I have a teabag holder exactly LIKE YOURS. Wonder why!! I get mine out often when I'm drinking British tea.

    I can't wait to see your new tea books. It might be something I would be interested in, too.

    I'm simply THRILLED you joined us for T this Tuesday. I'm sure you'll be knee deep in swaps before you know it and we'll get to see the beauty you create. After all, you ARE the embellishment queen and queen of paper engineering!

  6. Love those Keep Calm things, and your cat is a most elegant creature! Happy T-Day!

  7. Your bedroom looks lovely. The blue background looks beautiful
    Happy T day

  8. well a tea book sounds lovely, and your tidy bedroom is divine--love the color! happy T day!

  9. Don't worry your mojo will come back. You will find a new normal. :) Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. Your tea book looks intriguing...let us know how it turns out. Keep calm and have a Happy T Day! :)

  11. I love chai too. (and your 'keep calm' cup)
    Oh your bedroom is beautiful! Well done you. Lovely colour scheme, and cozy covers.
    Pandora looks very much at home on your sewing table, as if she owns the place....
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a good week,

  12. The bedroom looks beautiful...but your cat is gorgeous--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Oh Annette I do miss your posts but now understand that circumstances have changed with your other half being retired so now trying to fit things in to make it work for you - I completely get. Perhaps a dedicated day to scrap might work? or check out a few challenges, I always find the counterfeitkit blog a good inspiration, makes me put a kit together and then I've got the month to use it up as it were. Hope you are having a grand day

  14. Love your cup & caddy.
    The bedroom looks beautiful.
    Pandy looks so at home by the sewing machine.
    Toni xx

  15. Hey Lady! you can't just use that nasty "H" word willy, nilly you know. You have to give me fair warning before you say things like domestic and housework!
    You shouldn't have any more of that "H" stuff to do than before Chris retired. The problem is that he is around and you don't like leaving him on his own. He will learn to accept that you have stuff to do - training that's all it requires, he needs training to find something else to do and you need to train yourself not to feel guilty when you leave him to his own devices and go to your craft room. I know cos I had to do it

  16. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW, your bedroom is gorgeous, love that color!!! Pretty tea cup, it calms me everyday. How funny it is to have someone home who wasn't before, takes time. My daughter is graduated and going to college near us so she is always popping in and out through the day. YIKES, it used to startle me and now I'm used to it. My hubby says he will be out at the garden or the book store when he retires so I won't even notice him. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  17. Well it looks like you are being creative in lots of other ways including paper and such.
    Lovely colors in your pretty bedroom.
    Have missed you for T
    Have a great week.
    p.s. I always seem to do my best creating when there is something else that "needs" doing like tidying or packing for a trip even lol

  18. Such a beautiful bedroom and your Cat is a real diva! Nice new cup!

  19. Love your adorable bed and Pandora is sweet.Your tea cup is amazing!Happy T Day :)

  20. Not surprised you have not been crafting as much as you used to with all the interior design you are probably doing - your bedroom looks gorgeous!
    Not a clue what a tea book is but knowing you it will be something special - we do miss you on WOYWW. I know I do!
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps Pandy is looking good.

  21. had to grin about your cat - you know the saying "don´t trust People without cat hair on their clothes"?
    happy rest of the week!

  22. I know how you feel. When we created my new craft room in one of the upstairs bedrooms I was sure I'd be creating all the time, but now I find I feel guilty going up there too often leaving hubby downstairs. He has his own crafty shed which he disappears to and he doesn't bother about me being upstairs, it's all in my own head and perhaps an excuse not to actually DO anything!! Your bedroom looks lovely and I loved the card on your previous post. I'm actually up in my room at the moment with a plan to make cards so why am I on the internet looking at blogs??? Must go :D x

  23. Gorgeous bedroom! Love the color of the accent wall.
    Happy T day...a little late!

  24. I LOVE the new bedroom ♥♥ and the kitty too ♥♥ It seems like an abundance of housework will always drive me straight to the art room :)

  25. Hello. It has been ages since I joined in with the T on Tuesday malarkey. Must remedy that.
    I know exactly what you mean about not crafting with Hubby home. Mine works nights and when he is home I feel guilty about spending time in my C room.
    Liking your bedroom d├ęcor. Can I come up and see close up please?


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