Tuesday, 10 November 2015

T(ea) on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T on Tuesday two weeks in a row now!  Sitting have a cup of tea with a slice of cake (or two) and glancing through my Tea Wisdom book which has some pretty high falutin sayings about tea... I have to admit, I prefer the down to earth ones that don't tax my brain too much.  In honour of Armistice Day tomorrow I have my poppy and my candle holder with the Union Jacks on it.  We had Remembrance Day last Sunday with the laying of the poppy wreaths at the cenotaphs around the country. Cenotaph: noun
  1. a monument to someone buried elsewhere, especially one commemorating people who died in a war.

  2. This is the local memorial to where we live. It wasn't the nicest of weather on Sunday, blowing a houlie and raining which made a solemn event more than usual.

  3. On a crafty note, I have been busy making up scrapbook page kits! Yes, here I am putting together a page kit for the 20 retired ladies that meet up once a month and whom I joined when I came home from Australia.  They are a lovely bunch and we enjoy learning something new each month so I was asked if I could teach a scrapbook page.... oh boy.... this is going to be something!  I am trying to keep it simple by cutting to size all the various pieces of papers they will need... and diecut all the birdcages and cut all the ribbons... so it shouldn't be a disaster, should it?  ;)
  4. I will be about to see what everyone is up to this week....


  1. It was wonderful to see your Cenotaph. I've only seen photos of the one in London where the Queen leaves a wreath.

    I love your poppies and I hope you visit tomorrow to see the Veterans Day tribute I offer. Here in the states, many people don't seem to know that much about it, but it's a BIG thing in Europe. So even though I usually offer some type of poppy inspired art, this year I changed it and included Europe, too.

    Thanks, too, for making my T post possible today. Had it not been for the lovely gifts you've sent, it wouldn't have been nearly so European!

    Thanks for sharing your poppies, your candle, your cakes, your scrapbook kits, and your tea for T this Tuesday.

  2. Lovely post. Being greedy I'll start with the cake, looks good, and I just came home hungry from my walk. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have fun making up those scrapbook kits! Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Thank you for featuring the cenotaph. Here in Spain they don't seem to bother with Remembrance. I say 'seem' as I might have missed something. Certainly in our village and nearby town there is nothing at all for fallen veterans.
    I like the idea of making a kit for your group of ladies. Perhaps I should do that too for a group of ladies that want to learn more about crafting. Here they have never heard of scrapbooking. I attend a weekly language encounter: Spanish speakers that want to improve their English and English speakers that want to improve their Spanish language skills. I talked about scrapbooking but failed to make them understand what it was, so this week I will bring my album to show them.
    Happy T Day!

  4. Twenty kits is nothing to sneeze at.
    Your group must be so much fun with a lot of creative energy.
    Thank you for sharing your remembrance tea and yummy cake...looks inviting!
    Visiting everyone this morning is making me hungry.
    Happy T Day Annette oxo

  5. Thank you for sharing your tea and remembrance post today. I am making an altered Tea Quote journal so I will try to see if I can find that book--so I can use some of the less "high falutin" ones!
    Those ladies will be very lucky to be taught by someone as creative as you.

  6. Oh do let us know how the scrapbooking went! Happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  7. Cake for breakfast, thx ;)

    I'm impressed with your kits. Such a fun idea! I'll bet those gatherings are filled with a creative buzz.

    Happy T Tuesday

  8. a lovely yet solemn cenotaph. I have always loved poppies and especially appreciate the fact that they represent honoring those lost in battle. Wonderful tea light holder! Looks like many of us are sharing special goodies this week for T day:):) I 'm sure your scrapbook page class will be super-enjoy!

  9. Happy T-day!!
    Love the remembrance photos.....I think it is so important to remember all who have fallen during war time........keeps one for taking things for granted.
    20 kits???? you go girl!!

  10. Thanks for sharing the cenotaph...I had no idea what it was. Certainly an important symbol and place for loved ones to remember their fallen. the cake and coffee looks yummy, and so do the scrapbook preparations! I think it looks like it will be a great class. Excellent idea to have everything cut out already! it will save a lot of time and make it so much easier. You will do a great job! let us know how it goes... happy T day! ♥

  11. Lovely photos Annette.
    That was one Yankee candle that I never managed to get hold of as most of my local stockists decided not to carry this item.
    Lovely yummy cake...mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Toni xx

  12. A poignant reminder for tomorrow hun. Love the look of them there cakes - nom!

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy crafting and teaching - fabulous stuff! It will go swimmingly and you'll have a ball!

  13. Centaur, a new word for me. Thank you for sharing
    Hope to see your completed layouts

  14. Well done for preparing 20 kits! Love your tea light holder! Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. Yummy looking treat you have there. What a great plan to make up a bunch of kits.

  16. Good luck with the scrapbook class! It looks like you're very organized, and I bet the class will go well.

  17. I was overjoyed to see a comment from you this morning thinking you had joined in with woyww again. Oh Annette, you are missed.
    Anyway, the die for the churches is a Spellbinders one and I got it from Oyster Stamps. It takes some patience as there is only one die of a window and you need six of the larger one. When I finally finish these cars they will have been a labour of love (not sure now about the love bit) lol.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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