Saturday, 1 November 2008

I think I've been adopted...

Isn't she sweet? She just turned up one day and talked to me...
and did a good impression of an animal in need of food...

so now she visits half a dozen times a day! LOL She is very domesticated and I really think she belongs to someone here but gets bored and comes to visit the weird cat lady who always has time to talk and smooth her... its no good getting attached to her because I can't take her back to the UK with me... 6 months in quarantine in Scotland to a cat that lives in these temps would be horrible.


  1. Am sure she would rather stay in warmer climes - cute though - take care of her.

  2. Aahhhh we had a similar problem with a Siamese who did a fabulous impression of a starving cat. I put a collar on him with a message to ring my number on and his owner who lives down the road rang me to apologise for him. Apparently he does it all the time. He still comes to visit me everyday, his owners are out at work all day and well I'm not and he's bored so he comes to bother me!

    She looks gorgeous. Shame you can't do the collar thing, the language barrier might be a bit of an issue though!

    Emma XXX

  3. oh she is so sweet I bet she would love to play with all you stash lol

  4. She is so sweet, makes me want a kitty now !! We had to leave all our pets behind, found homes for them and had to put our old lady doggy down when we left South Africa. Because of the quarantine requirement here in the UK. My kids were devastated and so were we and because of that we haven't adopted any yet. I think it is time !

  5. Oh, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her colouring. It's very hard not to get attached to waifs and strays, isn't it?

    I wish you could ackage her up and send her to me! :)


  6. Awww bless ... what a beautiful face ... the cat I mean ... not that there is anything wrong with your face ... I am going now ... before I fall any further down this hole I just dug *LOL*

  7. Shes' precious! Enjoy the friendship!

  8. She is lovely. Shame you can't take her home.


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