Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Today I'm going to make a butterfly...

I read about it here and thought what a brilliant idea and imagine what the collection will look like when it reaches 1.5 million butterflies!!

So first I will bake the cakes for the cake sale and then I am going to get all the shiniest, blingy-est stash out and make a butterfly in memory of all those little people who never got to see one again - and in memory of my Grandad who spent WWII in a Polish prison of war camp... can't think of a better reason to play!!

And wouldn't it be brilliant if everyone put the link on their blog? I can imagine the array of beautiful butterflies we scrappers could create...

Dan has made a template you can download to make butterflies which you can find here. Thanks Dan!


  1. Amazing project, it will look fabulous when they are all displayed,
    may have a little play myself!
    Rach x

  2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Annette.
    So, your grandad was Polish? My dad was Polish too and was forcably taken from his home by the Germans when he was only 14. We don't know how (he would never talk about it), but somehow he made it to the UK during the war and eventually, to north-east Scotland, where he met my mum.
    He finally got back to Poland for a holiday with mum, me and my sister, when he was 37. His dad had died a few years before, but his mum was still alive.
    I was only 6 and can still remember the emotion.

    His youth was stolen.

    I will definitely make some butterflies.

  3. What an amazing project Annette, I'm going to take part too as sometimes I think it's all too easy to forget and we should never forget.

    Thanks for linking to it. Perhaps you should post it on UKS too?

    Can't wait to see your bling butterflies, just make sure there's no glitter!

    Emma XXX

  4. Thanks for the link Annette, I'm going to give some of these a go too!

  5. My children and I made butterflies for this. Wonderful, yet, heartbreaking cause.

  6. Annette, thank you for this link. I've included a link over on my blog in the hope to spread the word even more.

    Toni :o)

  7. i will be making one thanks for the link and il add one to my blog now!!

  8. Wow - hun these are amazing - I think that this is such a worthy cause too - and thank you for finding out about it in the first place - 1.5 million butterflies will look stunning won't it? Going off topic now - I have a little Gecko here with your name on it - if you would like me to send it to you drop me an email and I can arrange a safe journey for it...I remember you saying you loved them and you liked the one I had altered on my Blog :O)) Hugs xx


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