Saturday, 15 November 2008

We went shopping...

So everyone who knows what it was like when my shipment came back from South Africa will be saying 'does the woman learn nothing through experience'? But I think I have an idea where most of the new purchases will go... so I shouldn't have to build another extension this time!
and I did not buy this screen... Chris did, he says it is for our master bedroom - think the man has ideas of me being behind it throwing clothes over like in some '50's movie... he's better be using a lot of imagination, let me tell you!!

Found this beautiful Persian rug in the garden design, it will look beautiful on Chris' study floor.

This Nain Persian rug is very similar to one we already have at home except this has red in the centre instead of deep blue - and its beautiful, I had to take this photo from up the stairs to fit it in... its also signed which is a bonus and it took me three days to actually walk on it with slippers instead of going round it... yep, it cost that much!! LOL

Got two of these, they are for my lounge in Scotland and will have large masks on stands on them instead of a brass tea pot.

No, we didn't buy her at the bazaar, just thought I'd update you on her... after asking around it appears she is called Gypsy and she is homeless, her territory includes my house so she is quite happy to visit, eat and sleep on my dining chair all day...

So this is how we ladies go shopping. Because we aren't allowed to drive, the village puts on buses for us to go to the various malls - so this a group of us on the way to Al Khobar, which is a one and half hour trip there, shop for a couple of hours and one and half hours back again... now don't we just look fetching in our Abayahs?

Oh and look at the fridge magnets I found!! I love them... in fact, I should have bought heaps because everyone that sees them wants them!


  1. looks like you've been very busy shopping!

  2. Wow fab purchases! They ought to have special ladies shopping centre buses at home too!!!

  3. Love those magnets.

    The screen is beautiful (whatever it eventually gets used for) and your other purchases are fab...think I'd still be walking round the rug if it cost loads LOL

    Toni :o)

  4. Ooohhhhh, I love that carved screen.

  5. Lovely purchases - especially the screen. I am loving reading your blog and trying to get my head around the different culture you are experiencing.

  6. Wow love the carved screen that is fab, I also love those fridge magnets they are totally different.

  7. avidly following your blog annette, and just LOVE it !

  8. Oh you have been busy shopping loving the screen.

  9. Ooooh gorgeous purchases again Annette, I really like your style. :)

  10. Love your finds, they are just stunning! And I think my the time you get back you will need another extension if you carry on at this rate!!!

    Looks like kitty is here to stay, she is so cute.

    I've just tagged you on my blog to tell 7 random facts about yourself and pass it on to 7 other people. Hope you don't mind playing!

    Emma XXX

  11. Gypsy is lovely, and she looks a lot like my cat Izzy.
    Nice to see you can still get some retail therapy even though you're so far from home

  12. Well, you can't really go to Saudi and NOT buy carpets can you? It would just be rude.......

    Love the piccy of all the ladies on their shopping really is another world.

  13. Ha! The infamous bus trip...hope you enjoyed it. I took a trip in one to Dammam the other day and didn't come home with anything nice like you find.

    Perhaps I need to come up your way too.

    I am wanting one of those screens too.

    Email me if you like.


  14. Sharyn, if you see this, can't find an email addy for you - can you leave it in the comments for me?


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