Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So DH and I went shopping for a little netbook and I had a cute pink one lined up in my sights until I saw it in real life... yukky pink, sort of salmon pink.... so I went for the black shiny version instead.... hmmm, big mistake!! Since it got home I haven't actually had a chance to look at it... someone seems to have adopted it under the guise of 'getting it set up' and 'testing it out'!! LOL

and I got this cute little guy from my Mum - who obviously knows that her daughter is still a big kid!!

and Gypsy has spent the day sleeping on the scraproom sofa keeping me company!!


  1. Happy birthday to you!

    Your DH sounds very much like mine in the gadget department!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Lovly greetings and hugs from Germany

  3. Amazing how fellas just have to ensure stuff like this is working correctly for us...I don't remember my DH being that concerned about our new washing machine, freezer, hoover...LOL

    Hope you have had a good one Annette and hope you can reclaim you plaything soon.

    Toni :o)

  4. Happy Birthday VV

    Lotsa Hugs

  5. Happy Birthday Annette. I have been reading your blog for sometime but I've only just found out how to leave comments. I love your take on life. It gives me inspiration.

  6. HAPPY 29th Birthday. We are the same age ;)

    Love the stuffy from your mom, and your new little computer. So petite. Have a lovely,memorable year!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Annette!
    Hope you manage to reclaim your cute wee netbook!!

    Happy New Year too!!!


  8. Hope you have a fantastic birthday Annette :-)

  9. Happy belated birthday.
    Don't know how I missed that one as I usually read your blog daily.
    I must have been good and stayed away from the PC yesterday LOL:-)

  10. Happy Birthday Annette!! Hope you get to play with your present soon!!!! Lol!

  11. Happy Birthday! I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog and your life in Saudi Arabia.

  12. Happy Birthda hun - I am such a fan of your work - I often drop by and have a peek at your latest creation - having done that today I can see its been someones birthday - hope you ahd a great day



  13. Happy Birthday for yesterday - hope you have got to play with your present now! LOL

  14. First of all- I absolutely LOVE your work!!!!!
    Your blog reminds me of when we lived in the middle east. Of course, that was over 30 years ago and we were in Iran, so ours was a somewhat different experience then yours I'm sure. I see a lot of similarities, though. The pic of the bus ride shopping especially brings back memories! And what treasures could be found there, as you well know! I would love to go back there right now and shop!(not to Iran, of course, but to the middle east) I used to think I wouldn't ever want to go back. Kind of a "been there done that attitude" because I thought all middle eastern countried were pretty much the same. I didn't know because I never went to any other country in the middle east except Iran. My husband recently went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and told me how great they were. Then reading your blog really makes me want to go back and see some of the other middle eastern countries. I had heard some good thing about Kuwait from friends we had in Iran who had live there before. Maybe the next time my husband goes I can tag along!

  15. Happy belated birthday VV ! I hope you have finally got your hands on your birthday present ! x


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