Thursday, 1 January 2009

JYC December 31st and January 1st 2009

I'm finished! Happy Dance... Happy Dance!! I decided yesterday morning that I would end my Christmas Journal on the 31st December because it was my 2008 journal, I have added a page for the New Year, but its just an end page, not a prompt. Phew... bet you lovely people who have been following this are as pleased as I am!! :) I really am grateful for all your lovely comments and wishes through the journey of Journal Your Christmas, it really is wonderful how so many have found the time to pop in and say nice things, or just pop in and take a peek now and again.

I glitzed the lettering to make it all party animal looking and put the journalling in a pocket.

New Year’s Eve – I decided to take the tree down and pack away all the Christmas decs and clear the way for a fresh New Year. Its funny the things we hold on to, my Grandmother always said not to leave anything unfinished on New Year’s Eve because it would hang around all year. Her washing was always done, ironed and put away, her house spic and span ready for the new beginning. Maybe that’s why my Christmas decorations never make it into the New Year! Chris does the same with the credit cards and checks the bank accounts... start the year with a clean sheet!!
I have to admit, it doesn’t feel like New Year’s Eve, no parties planned, no day off tomorrow as it isn’t a bank holiday here – especially as they are still in 1429 in the Arabic calendar – which means they have some catching up to get to 2009!! (Also explains a lot about the culture around here)... Chris and I joined Alister, Odelia and Bruce at the restaurant for a New Year’s Eve meal and then watched a House DVD before going to bed as we had to be up at 5 a.m. for Chris to go to work.

So, this is my final page in my journal, I used my seal that Chris bought for Christmas as I had to add something Arabic to Arabian Christmas Journal!!

This is the seal, isn't it the most gorgeous thing ever?

Yep, some extremely fat guy wore it as a ring and used the wax seal on documents.

I asked Chris to check out with one of the guys at work what it said.... so I am reliably informed that it reads.... Happy New Year, and that is my wish for everyone, I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2009.

Of course, I only have this guy's translation.... so if you can read Arabic and it actually says Account Overdue - Pay Now! ..... I'd rather you didn't mention it to me, OK??

And this is how it looks now its completed!!

My little Santa on camels hanging from the o'wires...


  1. Happy New Year Annette and congrats on completing your journal.

    I just love the finished look - your Santas are really fab.

    Here's to a great 2009.

    Toni :o)

  2. Happy New Year! Your Journal looks fantastic. I love your seal ring! xx

  3. happy new year annette. your journal is gorgeous and i love the santa on the camel closure.

  4. Loving your book Annette - lovely to see it finished.
    Happy New Year - all the best for 2009.

  5. Well done Annette on producing such a lovely memory. I have really enjoyed watching this come together, you are such a talented lady.
    All of my Best wishes for you and your family for 2009, keep up the great work and maybe someday I will produce something as gorgeous as you do

  6. Totally Beautiful!!!!!!!
    I love the Santas on Camels they look great and just right for "your" christmas this year.

  7. Happy new year Annette. Your bookmis lovely. The santa on the camel makes me giggle. I'm suprised that it's not new year there yet as we celebrated 1430 last weekend. Ok our particular sect make a big thing of it (see my blog for pics & stuff) & I don't think other muslims do.
    Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in 2009.

  8. Happy New Year Annette, Your finished JYC looks gorgeous.
    Hope 2009 is a great year for you & i look forward to seeing all your amazing creations to come.
    Rach x

  9. Happy New Year Annette, your journal looks fantastic! Love the seal!!

  10. Happy New Year ! =) Have a good year ahead and the mini is fabulous ! =)

  11. I knew if anybody would perservere and finish this, it would be you. It is lovely Annette! I love those Santas. Maybe next year I will koin you.

  12. Happy New Year Annette, love the finished journal it looks great. Thanks for the lovely messages you have left on my blog over the last couple of months.
    Heres to a great 2009

  13. Have a very Happy Birthday Annette.

    Toni :o)


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