Thursday, 1 October 2009

Honestly... this will be the last one for a while...

Hah! Lulled you into a false sense of security that you wouldn't see another of these for a while, didn't I?? LOL Honestly, they were definitely on the back burner then I got a phone call inviting me to a birthday coffee morning... this morning!! So last night at some ungodly hour I was glueing and sticking... life would be a lot easier if I just learned how to make a proper birthday card!!
With pre-requisite fairy inside...
In its little bag.... and with an hour to spare before the coffee meeting which should give me time to shower and put my 'good' face on... (used to be it didn't take long but as the years go by it seems to take longer and longer)!!

Oh and how come if I sit a plastic box on the kitchen floor this is what happens? Amazing isn't it... when I want to put her in a plastic cat basket for the trip to a vet she turns into this whirling dervish of claws and teeth!! I should make a sticker that says 'Pandora's Box'....
Oh and this evening we are going out to dinner at our neighbours house and the other dinner guests are unknown to me but he is an Indian. Yep, a real Indian!! The wigwam sort... not sure if he is Canadian Indian or American Indian but his name is Chief.... and his wife is a Southern belle called Tammy.... so for an entire evening I am going to have to resist saying 'HOW' and breaking into song... D....I...V...O...R...C...E....
and Chris says I wonder why we don't get invited out much.... ;)
I wonder if I would be allowed to take my camera....


  1. LOL Sounds like a fun night :D
    Loving all your fairy doors, and would imagine the hostess might be disappointed if one didn't arrive you LOL
    Kitty looks cute :D
    J xx

  2. Beautiful Annette. I always love to view your work. TFS.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic evening of good company.

  4. The doors are so pretty we cant moan at seeing another.

    Cat antics have no explanation ...we now leave a box ... with the door open ...somewhere they can pass it everyday. Now we find one or other of them curled up in side lol and I have seen Smudge trying to shut the door on himself!!!!! Now only about 2/3 out of our 'too many', create when put in a box.

  5. Oh, would love to be a fly on the wall! Great use of that LA paper, best so far in terms of doors, for me. And yeah, you could have jsut folded a bit of card in half and doodled on the front like us lesser mortals.

  6. What is it with cats and boxes?! Cute kitty ....

  7. I would n't dream of moaning about your fairy doors ... they are all so different and always a pleasure to view!

  8. Hi Annette I found your blog via a comment you left on WOYDW and I thought I would come an have a peek to see if you had posted your desk here but I couldn't see it , but I am glad I came over to nose coz I think your work is fab you are so talented so I have joined as a stalker !!! oops !!! I mean follower !! he he
    Hugs Susie xx

  9. I love your fairy doors Annette, they are all so beautiful.

  10. Hi Annette! I was looking through your Flickr photos and saw pictures of some CD Rings. I'd love to make some of these for my niece...but I don't see any directions on your site. Are there any? I'm wondering what type of glue to use with cd's? Thank you in advance! I truly admire your books!

  11. I love these fairy doors, you can make as many as you like as far as I am concerned, never get tired of looking at them.
    My cat is the same, any box, any size and she is in there (or tries to be, even if it is a bloomin match box!) but if you want her in her carrier.... no way!
    So how did the dinner go?

  12. Last fairy door???...that is until the next one LOL Lovely work yet again Annette.

    Toni :o)

  13. Totally loving all your Fairy Doors hunny, they are beautiful...and as for the pussycat getting into the plastic AlfieCat is exactly the same...and also if I am reading the paper, he comes and sits his bum right in the middle of it LOL hugs hun xx

  14. Oh what beautiful designs you have. Love the cats, too! Hope I win.


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