Monday, 8 March 2010

A Little Retail Therapy...

I went into Jubail this morning and popped into one of my favourite shops, Big World.  Big World is sort of like a 99p shop but the stuff is better and the prices are lower! LOL I thought I had better stock up on ribbons and other bits before we leave here in a couple of months.

Look at all those lovely ribbons and flowers and threads... to be seen on a mini book near you soon!!
I love these bracelets... they look fab hanging off the spine of a mini book.
oooh, and I found these!!  Aren't they lovely?  Would have neither the skill or the patience required in making them so they are a brill find!!

I also found a set of three trunk type boxes which are going to be great in my scrap room at home and they are so pretty, I really don't have to do anythign to them!
I decided the biggest one was great for the ribbons I just bought!

Zutter's are giving away Hang-It-Alls Kits on the Bind It All blog, just a couple of days left to get your name down for a chance to win some!!  I haven't managed to get my mitts on any of these yet but they look like they will be heaps of fun for beyond the page stuff!  Leave  comment and you may win!!


  1. love the stash Annette!
    You say you will be leaving in a couple of months - are you coming home here??
    It will be great to have you around again if you are!


  2. I can understand why you went shopping - at those prices with the gorgeousness of that stash I'm not surprised, can't wait to see what you start doing with them!

  3. Gosh, how are you gonna pack all your fabby stuff?

    Toni :o)

  4. Be still my heart. Ribbon in that quantity is the stuff of dreams!!

  5. Wow that is some Retail Therapy you had must have had such fun.

  6. I could do with a 'little shopping' like that too! We are missing you on TMW. How have you been?

  7. Wow, that'a aome stash haul! You will need a separate trunk to ship it all home in! I can see why you 'had' to go shopping, though!

  8. wow that stash is AMAZING, so jealous.... i need to find some new places to shop!!!

  9. Fab blog!
    I am now following......!

  10. That is one FAB shopping trip hun...oh...and...that BIA giveaway...I won !!! LOL Hurrah and thrice!! Hugs xx

  11. LOL @ you Annette. You will need your own plane to get you and your stash home! Isn't it fab when you can go shopping with a tenner and come back with a trolley full? Have fun. TFS. ~Glen~


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