Friday, 26 March 2010

Zutter Zister's Blog Hop!

The Zutter Zisters have loads of wonderful inspiration waiting for you on their blog hop... plus fabby giveaways!!

It all starts with dear old Nanny Goat - who is not old and not a goat, it's just what we affectionately call her!! Then it is off to see what the DT have got for you...

Camilla Isaakson from Sweden
Linda Elbourne from the UK
Sophie Sim from Australia
Fleur Smith from Canada
Lynne Forsythe from the USA
Pam Sandy from the USA
Shelley Hagenman from the USA
Sarah de Guzman from the USA

Remember to leave a comment telling them that you love Zutter, and you will be eligible to win a package of antique brass hang-it-alls, a package of antique silver hang-it-alls, and a Rivet Hammer/Setter Set. You have until the evening of March 29th, Monday, to leave a comment.... so what are you waiting for?   Get hopping!!


  1. Annette thank you for this...just been for a lovely blop - wow aren't there some super projects.

    Toni :o)

  2. I am legged...all the way round...and I am just having a little rest here now :O)) Hugs xx


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