Friday, 29 October 2010

How was I supposed to know it would do that?

I was starting to get dinner ready and turned the oven on for the chicken pie and within a few minutes the kitchen was filled with the smell of burning sausage casserole!  Oops, forgot to clean the spillage after last nights dinner and not really wanting the house to smell of burnt sausage casserole when Chris came through the door, I pushed a few buttons on the stove - specifically the one that said CLEAN and then the light popped on to say the DOOR WAS LOCKED and then it proceeds to tell me it takes 3 hours!!  What? 3 hours to clean the oven? Oh heck... that means I can't even open the oven door till 7 pm this evening to start dinner... not good, not good at all!  Chris is as easy going as they come but he does like his dinner on the table when he gets in from work! Just knowing I won't get away with this one.... I figured it best to 'fess up and call in the reserves - specifically the lovely British Chippie at the little mall up the road!  I phoned Chris who should be sitting on the train/tram thing he takes to and from work... no answer.... called him again.... no answer.... eh? He's sitting on the train, why won't he pick up, I would have thought a chat to me would be a nice diversion on the trip home... pressed redial and it just rang and rang and rang... but then my cell phone started to ring and it was Chris!  Yay!  We will eat tonight after all!  To say he was not amused would be understating it... wanted to know why I kept calling him, what was so urgent??? It seems he wasn't sitting on the train bored and wanting to chat but standing knee deep with loads of other folk on the train with his bags hanging off his neck... it was packed and he wasn't  a happy bunny.  Once I explained that the oven had locked me out and there was going to be no dinner unless he made a trip to the chippy things looked a bit brighter and my oven can continue cleaning itself for the next couple of hours!! :)
I have also finished the little book I was making for Hels note holder box!  I popped in some bits she can play with, I think it was the metal tassles that she liked from last time, and I found some really cute cat face beads,I also made her a little lavendar sachet to cover the fish smell of the cat treats - they are now in a separate plastic bag!!

I popped some beads on the base as little feet and my little lizards that end up on the back of everything I make.
I made a little charm for the o'wires - and you can just see one of the cat face beads!


  1. Oh boy, those self-cleaning ovens... mine needs four hours to clean! And it smells! By now, after having lived in the US for almost ten years, I appreciate the self-cleaning button. Everything that takes over housework tasks is welcome here...
    The mini book looks fabulous. I'm sure that Hels will like it very much.

  2. Oh dear...(I'm not laughing - honest **snigger**)

    Harrods was fab Annette but I wasn't gonna buy any cards - one A4 one that I picked up with a gingerbread house created on the front - house shaped bit of brown card - and decorated with strippy pipecleaners as candy canes was £ didn't even come in a box!!!

    Toni :o)

  3. wow, self-cleaning ovens, I didn't even know they existed. I want one now :)
    Love the book , its gorgeous

  4. A disaster finally turned good! Love the mini book and all the truisms - particularly the ones referring to cats - my cat is proof positive that they are all fact. Elizabeth

  5. Love those quotes! Hope the chippie was good too.

  6. LOL! Not that I'm one to laugh at another's misfortune, and I can sooo see something like that happening to me, but you didn't READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, did you??!! Lol! Still, hope it all turned out all right in the end, and I'd love to know how an oven cleans itself - especially when it takes three hours! :D

  7. I am sorry for laughing at your oven dilemma I've often had that fear. There is a way to cancel it. You might have to look online at a manual for your stove.
    Love your little books. Glad to hear you are in Canada now. Have you had your first snowfall yet??

  8. Lol (not so funny at the time i expect !) Wish i had an oven that cleaned itself !
    Love your book sure Hels will love it too. x


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