Sunday, 10 October 2010

Off to market we go!

Having a long weekend, Chris took me off for the last farmer's market of the year this morning.  One of the lovely things about living here in Calgary is that if we take the main road out from the house in 20 minutes we are in prairie country... the most beautiful scenery just sitting there waiting for you down the road, farms nestled into huge acreages with the Rockies as a backdrop.

I love the big Dutch style barns that sit alongside the farm houses, they are so pretty to look at.
and the occasional church... its definitely autumn here... the leaves are everywhere but on the trees!
so we got to the market nice and early and it was brrrrrr cold.... and the jacket I was wearing was not doing what it should, so Chris treated me to this with a hat and gloves to match!  The lady said it was good for -25 degrees but I am hoping I don't have to actually find that out!!
We found some lovely hand crafted items and managed to knock a few things off the Christmas present list.  I couldn't resist buying one of these for a friend....
So all that is needed to be said now is.... Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends, hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Love your pictures of the farms, beautiful.

  2. A bit different from the farmers market that took place over at the Barleylands craft village, yesterday. Not many stalls in attendance and not much selection of goods.

    Hope your top kept you nice and snug.

    Toni :o)

  3. Wowser! Love those barns. What a backdrop, too. For some reason, I thought you lived on the EAST coast. You are closer than I thought! The leaves are still green and on our trees here. It's amazing. Yesterday I was running around in shorts and a sleeveless top, perspiring along the way. One day last week, it was 90F and I thought "isn't it supposed to be fall?"

    I couldn't believe you were COLD. Guess Canada really DOES get colder faster. Let's hope you don't have to put that new sweater to the temperature test this winter. If so, you'll be wishing to be back in the middle east!

    I used to live in red neck country and I knew people who made these very windchimes and placed them outside their mobile homes. This is more poignant than humorous in my world.


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