Thursday, 14 October 2010


First of all... I apologise for the length of the journalling in the previous post... and the content if it upset anyone.  I went upstairs from the scraproom last night and found Chris in the kitchen... not looking very happy. :(  I tentatively asked if anything was wrong and he said no, I pointed out that he looked a bit 'off' so had I done something to upset him?  Nooooo, he had just spent half an hour in his study reading my blog post about the kitties... oops, I should have warned him that I done it, he is such a softy where animals are concerned.

Having now finished the book of Pandora I can play with something entirely different! (well, actually, Pandora is a bit of a witch at the best of times, so maybe not as different as it may first appear)!!  Halloween is BIG here... you can buy just about anything you want that is related to Halloween!  I went along to the dollar store and found some real gems for a spooky book... then popped along to the scrap store and bought up what they had as well!! LOL
Aren't these the cutest little ghosties and stuff?
Would you look at those skeletons!  I am going to have some fun with these gems....


  1. Ooo...I LOVE your Halloween stash Annette. Those skeletons have found their way over to our Poundland stores here too! *Ü* I shall watch with interest to see what you come up with. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Some super goodies there Annette.

    Hope Chris wasn't too upset about the kitty post - it brought back memories of earlier posts that you did as events unfolded. Glad that your fur babies have found a lovely home with you.

    Toni :o)

  3. I remember last October over in the States - everything Halloween - wish we did it as big over in the UK. Thanks for sharing your goodies. #142

  4. Thanks for the visit and comments yesterday. The silver handle on my canvas is by 7 Gypsies. They come in a pack of two and were just £3. You can find them on their own website in the US. I found them at a fair last month here on the UK. They are called Antique metal book handles. There are various styles. I think they come in antique brass too. Have a hunt around...! They'll be out there somewhere.

  5. Wow, you really find the nicest stash.. THere is nothing even remotely halloweeny in South Africa at the moment.. so sad.. just finished a halloween page and had to make my own stuff.. check it out : It just sucks.. Can't wait to see what you do with your stash !

  6. i am so impressed with your book of pandora. Then i read your post about the kitties and I'm impressed with your compassion. In Turkey we have lots of strays but my dogs hate other animals so i end up putting water out for the street dogs away from the house, and leave scraps as i can.
    Hope you are enjoying your kitty reunion.
    thanks for popping by on wed. caroline #1

  7. I've just sat and read the long post about your cards... what a heart rending story with a mixed outcome - but best of all, that you took two of them in as permanent pets. What you did for those cats - all that time and money - I don't know anyone who would have done that and the long trips to the vets and back. Its such a commendable thing to have done.

    I am a cat lover too and never been without once since I left home - and had them there too. They bring so much joy to my life - often more than people!!!

    I'd like to thank you for what you did... you've restored my faith in human nature to think there are people out there who care and have love for our feline friends whatever the cost and inconvenience.

    The journal is a very fitting way of remembering those little balls of furry love.

    Paula x x x

  8. Fab stash and great project, as ever. Shame Halloween is only once a year - I just love spooky, creepy art!

    Mary Anne


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