Friday, 3 June 2011

Fat Book Page Swap

I joined a swap on UK Scrappers of fat book pages and they are just about to return home!! Yay!!  I have still to make the actual covers etc so that it is ready to put together when they arrive in the post.
This is my attempt...the idea was to try out different techniques so that we have a set of ten different ideas to play with in the future and my theme was Time Flies.  I painted the background chipboard brown and then coated it with crackle medium and then added a final coat of black paint.  I then stamped a time image and heat embossed this in bronze (some are in gold) and then sealed it with Mod Podge.  The chipboard clock face was papered in dictionery paper then the clock image was printed onto tissue paper and coated with Mod Podged.  The small clock images were printed on tissue paper and attached with Mod Podge.  I added brass wings to the clock face to represent the 'time flies' theme and hung a silver time piece on each which was filled with liquid embossing fluid.
Hanging from the chipboard page with chain is a little bottle of beads/glitter and a brass key, a little chipboard mini book and a chipboard watchface.  I really hope my swappees like them, this is my first attempt at fat book pages!


  1. Annette, what a stunning page - really beautiful.

    Toni xx

  2. Hi Annette....oh after seeing this I hope you aren't dissapointed with mine...Can't wait to see it 'in the flesh'. It's gorgeous...I just love all the detail. S xx

  3. Wow Annette, I would be thrilled to receive that. It's wonderdful x

  4. That is absolutely amazing. I'm sure the swapees will be thrilled with your creation.

  5. This is stunning!! You really did a great job and i would love it. The embosed image turns out great and i really like to know, how you print on tissue paper.WOW..can't stop looking (:o) Elly

  6. This is brilliant ...loved reading the stages you went through. What ink did you use with tissue? the embossing.

  7. You know I think these are incredible. I'm especially impressed with the embossing because I cant emboss worth a durn. Of course, I think you are the queen of chains, placing them on lots of things. I really like what you did on this one with the micro beads, key, watch, and mini book. I also like the watch and key being held by chains on the main piece, too. Can't wait to see what you get in return.

  8. wow.
    i mean,

    I love this. Any time you feel led to do so, make me something cool. Your stuff always has your own unique vibe to it, and i love when you post.


    also, no - i'm not raiding anyone's garden - that cool patch is actually along a near highway - weird, huh?

  9. Oh Annette, this is simply stunning.

  10. very kool! i love the details, the title (very clever), the embossing, the chains with bottles and keys. all of it - lovely.
    she will love it.


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