Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What's on Your Work Desk 8th June 2011

I keep seeing how people are melting in their personal heat waves and wondering where the sun has gone... we seem to be having a very wet and rainy spring (please nobody tell me its summer because that would send me into a spiral of depression)!! LOL
On my work desk today is my first attempt at a smash book.. they appear to be the latest thing in the scrap booking world and have taken off like hot cakes... which makes me laugh, as they are exactly the sort of stuff I made before I started scrap booking and then got into making mini books!!
I'll let you know how it turns out...
Oh and I went to a garage sale at the weekend at my neighbours church... they snuck me in the afternoon before the garage sale was to start so I had a lovely time mooching about without the distraction of hoards of people looking for a bargain!!  Look what I found!
I saw this box of beads... wooden beads and asked the lady how much the beads were... she looked at me oddly and said they were hoping to sell the entire box.... eeek, that's a lot of beads!!  $3 for the box!
and these are hand made pottery beads... $2 for the entire biscuit tin!
and this tub of lovely coloured ones was $2 too!!  I think I will be using beads on my next few projects.... lots of beads....
Curiosity and the cats....  don't worry, she got her head out fine!! 
Any suggestions for using up beads??? Please?
Don't forget to go and check on Julia and her linky list of desks to be perused!!


  1. Gosh what a fab find and bargain price too!You could create many things from key charms to necklaces,collages and oh earrings many colourful beads shame not to display them creatively.Happy crafting and hope you use them on some wonderful projects
    hugs judex 2

  2. Don't worry, it's still spring. We had winter weather until yesterday, and this is California!
    Yours is the second smash book I've seen on someone's blog, quite interesting. I bet yours will be stunning as all of your wonderful creations.
    Lovely finds at the garage sale - and I always love your cats!

  3. I've never heard of a "Smash Book." Will have to look it up on the internet. I DO think the pages I'm seeing are typically New Orleans.

    You got a LOT of beads. I have trouble with beads. I don't use them, but mainly it's because I can't string them and honestly don't know how to use them. I can see them replacing your chains, though. I bet you find a use for them that no one thinks of except you.

    I'm off to bed soon, since I can't leave a comment on Julia's and a bunch of other blogs.

  4. gorgeous beads and do show us the finished work, Thank you for sharing your great workspace, happy WOYWW 105, #22

  5. This is the second time this week I have read about a Smash Book but I am still not quite sure what they are so I will have to go and investigate now. Love all those beads you have they will keep you going for ages! I also like your book - I love New Orleans it was my favourite state although I havent been back since Hurricane Katrina. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (no. 31)

  6. Some of those beads look HUGE next to the cats what on earth will you make with them? I have no idea sorry :0( But they look wonderful and I know you will find a use for them. ;0) Never heard of smash books (but I haven't done any SB for over a year! (that's sad) Dxx

  7. Don't go crazy it's still spring. We're having cold April weather as well. Not liking it. :) Love your kitties! :) Aren't they the most wonderful helpers?! :) Happy WOYWW!

  8. Gosh, what a lot of beads - they'll keep you busy LOL

    Look forward to seeing the completed smash book.

    Weather here in the UK has been true to form - start of the Lawn tennis season...RAIN

    Toni xx

  9. I haven't heard of a smash book either.... love the beads - I have not really got into beads so don't think I will be much help using that many!

  10. Wow wow wow I just love beads. Have fun creating with them.
    A x

  11. WOW what a bargain for all those beads. I don't do much with beads cause they don't like me much. Call me butter fingers! Some of them look pretty good size too. How about making a collage with them, using them as feet on boxes etc. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #50

  12. Ha! You always get the BEST stuff. Looking forward to seeing the book at the end. Much fun, and I have a little pile of clipping ready to be added to mine. I think I am going to enjoy the process. Bet you will too!

    Mary Anne

  13. Annette I am fundamentally shocked by the blatant commercial daylight robbery of the Smash phenomenon - amazing marketing, dodgy pricing.


    sickened I am

    I am determined to find a way to video a simple ten step, ten minute video sessions to show people how to make super journals for themselves,

    100 minutes to make your own Art Journal from your existing expenditure required

    would you like the QA job to check I am not insane? and to overwrite additional handy hints - and offer alternative style suggestions?


  14. Lovely beads and how much fun did those jars create. BTW it is winter here in OZ and even though it is warmer this week, last week was colder than I remember it being in a long time.
    Thanks for sharing
    Alicia.R. (55)

  15. sad weather in the uk too...what a find, Chunky jewellery art...I daren't suggest another hobby, but maybe you could sell them on to buy more stash!!!
    Have a good WOYWW,
    Sarah at 7

  16. What inquisitive cats you have!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY PIF here

  17. I dont want to know that its not still Spring either lol
    I really have not got to grips with what exactly a smash book is !!! Those beads are wonderful ...there must be a perfect project somewhere...dare I say toy lol

  18. Not sure what a Smash Book is although it sounds interesting, looks like I'll have to google it between comments.
    Nothing like a good rummage through peoples goodies and what a great stash you found, look forward to seeing what you do with the beads.
    Kathleen x

  19. That is a LOT of beads! A curtain maybe?! You can't resist a bargain like that tho can ya? Those bigger ones would make ace feet for something like that dolls house that got damaged a couple of weeks back or one of Timmy's display boxes?

  20. Woo fantastic haul of beads!!! Never heard of a smash book so off to look it up!!

  21. Hmmm beads.....

    You could string them together to make art dolls.

    Turn them into the bases for lamps in dollshouses.

    alter them and use them in other projects

    Redecorate them and turn them into decorations for the Christmas Tree.

    Or how about distribute them amongst your WOYWW friends and challenge them to come up with something? LOL

    Happy WOYWW, hun!

  22. Wow. What a find. Bracelets, necklaces, dream catchers, wind chimes? Shoes, bag accessories. Cat toys? Have fun

  23. First that's a lot of beads!!! You are bead rich :D. Second, those are humongous honkin' beads!!! Either that or you have the tiniest cats in the world lol. Either way, what fun :D. Sometimes I leave a few of something I don't know what to do with on my crafting space and then I get inspired.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with :D. #12

  24. Hi hun
    not melting here at mo!! i wish. Oh what fabulous find, looks like the cats like it, lol, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  25. I had to look up Smash books before I went to bed last night. You have EvERYTHING you need to make one, since you have the BIA. They actually remind me of my scrappy journals, except there is no sewing in them and they have hard covers. I'm with Doone. If I could video something (and actually had a BIA), I would show how easy they are to make, too!

  26. I'm thinking maybe wind chimes/widow hangings? as those beads are HUGE,Happy WOYWW, Shaz #96

  27. Amazing beads, don't think you need to do anything with them... they're obviously cat toys!!

    Brenda 90

  28. I think Smash books are what manufacturer's have called the things we did before scrapping. Now they are supplying them so that instead of being creative we will buy a kit - buy one for a non scrapbooker and get them addic..... converted to a new hobby!

  29. ooh, some great bead finds...what a bargain (and a tidy desk too).
    happy woyww


  30. looking forward to seeing your completed smash book.

    Wow those beads were a bargain x

  31. What a fabulous find on the beads. I need to garage shop for some as we use them to make bracelets and are now making barefoot sandals to sell at craft fairs and festivals. MUCH better pricing then the stores. #100

  32. I like Morti's idea about distributing them to the WOYWW's!! Nice to see that the beads kept your cats entertained!!
    Can you tell me what a Smash book actually is please? I have heard about them on another blog but they just look like mini albums to me?!!

  33. is it wrong how funny i think it is that the cat is stuck in the jar?

    you get Way better stuff at garage sales than i do.


    You are making ME somehting?!>!
    yesh! that makes me


    ionno how to contact you, So. I am going to stalk you on FB and message you there.

    Because i love Facebook, duh.


  34. Okay, I let the green fade and now I'm a lighter shade of envy. I must say that those beads went to the right person though - you'll make something wonderful w/them and I can hardly wait to see. Somehow I missed your PIF swap w/Julia but I'm going to try to find it somewhere. Happy Woyww. #93.

  35. big beads? yes please - QA job is yours, will contact via email to give you access to preview and add/ give feedback - as brutal as you like I have rhino skin -

    video objective = make a journal you will love AND USE,

    and the makings - we will use your existing stash - No purchases necessary..

    I am determined that even the stash starved masses will be able to do this

    then we launch on you tube and give JD the option to feature on WOYWW.. mwah ha ha global freebies YEAH...

    clear your sunday evening Missis you are employed...

  36. What a pity we can't all pop round and grab a handful of beads - I bet every one of us would do something different with them!!

  37. Wow those beads are huge! You could sell some off on ebay but they'd cost a bomb to post off.
    Must admit that I'm totally with Donna on the Smash thing....they've just created a need so make your own!
    JoZarty x

  38. I needed beads to use on my PIF 'Box' but because of the lid (shorter than the box) it would have been a bit wonky, and would lean forward. anyway I know I have some beads somewhere but couldn't find them, Looks like you've got loads!! Fab find! Love the kitties! Happy WOYWW

  39. Love those two cats playing. I had to look up what a Smash Book is, and I agree, it looks just like something we used to do as children. They say there is nothing new under the sky, and if you wait long enough, everything will come back into fashion (usually with a much increased price tag).

  40. Those beads are fantastic! The first thing that came to mind was a type of cat toy but that may not be the safest toy for them. Enjoy playing with them!

  41. What fantasticfinds you always seem to get! It is bitterly cold here in South Africa. Apparently it snowed in Soweto early this morning!!!
    Happy WOYWW

  42. Wow - fab haul of beads - would be lovely for charms dangling from all your fab mini books and albums :-) Happy WOYWW Sarah x x x

  43. For just the tiniest second I thought you got the kitty at the sale... silly me! What a great lot of beads! If I think of anything I'll let you know. Unless of course the kitties claim them as toys first...

  44. have dropped you an email..


  45. Love the photo of the cat stuck in the jar - are you sure he's alright! I wouldn't know where to start with all those beads - great find! I haven't heard of a smash book but will write it down and try and check it out? You don't know of any links to it do you?
    Love your deal as always
    Have a great day
    Rebecca x(55)


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