Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cabbage roses

I was wandering from blog to blog and found a tutorial that Donna had done for Elizabeth making the loveliest roses!!  Only problem was I couldn't find my 2 inch circle punch... I could find a 1 1/2" and a 3" so decided to give it a go with the 3" punch and see what happened...
I like them... I like them a lot!!  I inked the edges and gave them a smoosh of glimmer mist and added a pearl to their centre then touched them up with a little glitter and I think they could stand their own against some of the ready made bought ones!!  They remind me of cabbage roses that grew in my Grandfather's garden when I was a child.  These will go into the parcel that is to be posted off to Elizabeth because I bet she hasn't made any yet...  ;)  Thank you Donna, your tutorial was brilliant!


  1. Beautiful flowers Annette - they look lovely and your colour choice is fab.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh they are gorgeous - will check out the tutorial!

  3. OMG, these are GORGEOUS. I think my circle punches are 1" and 2 1/2". I love what you made. I can see using up old phone book pages with the "cabbage roses," too. I love yours as much as Donna's. These are superb.

    As for the book covers, I think I will answer your concern next Wednesday.

  4. I love your cabbage roses. The extra touches are fantastic!

  5. These are lovely, you can never have too many.


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