Thursday, 16 February 2012

Canvas and Valentine Card...

This is the canvas finally finished... and yes, I did machine sew that ruffle bit along the bottom of it!!  Impressed?  Well, you should be as I am not really a sewing type of person and I am quite chuffed at how it turned out.  The photo is one of Chris' favourites and it is of our dolphin meeting when we were in Roatan last year on our cruise.  I thought these Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue papers were perfect for the theme.
Here's a close-up of the flowers and the litte bottle with shells and message inside. Oh and guess what?  I must like as it has left the scraproom!!  Well, it's like this... not many of the things I make actually ever leave the scarproom - except for the stuff I give away, which obviously does.  So it is quite something for me to actually home something somewhere else in the house and this is now on our dresser in our bedroom.
It's a lovely bright splash of colour amongst the greys and browns.
and this is the card I made for Chris for Valentine's Day and I have to thank Cardarian for kindly allowing me to scraplift her card from last weeks woyww.  I just finished it... which sounds a lot worse than it actually is because he doesn't get home till tomorrow evening so it's not really late. LOL


  1. Well, I for one am very impressed with your sewing skills. I also like how you have honored Chris with a canvas that has one of his favorite photos. And of course, those G45 papers are truly lovely and quite appropriate for the spread. What a great welcome home gift it will make, as will the card you have created for him. Lovely on both counts.

  2. I'm impressed too. Love the canvas, it is all beautiful, but I love the flowers. Also your valentine card is gorgeous too.

  3. Oh the canvas is gorgeous Annette and I love that you found it a home! Loving the Valentine's day card too - I soooooooooooo struggled to make one this year, and it's hubbies birthday on the same day and after all my effort whilst writing on it he saw fit to chat all the way through - which is why I wrote Happy Birthday - on his Valentine's card LOL!

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Not sure if you have heard (or seen the G45 newsletter), but here is a link to the G45 Design Team call for 2012:

    and this straight from the company:

  5. Love your canvas and it certainly is something to display. Lovely card too but I'm just a tad worried that your heart is "caged"..... I bet it isn't really!
    Thanks for your comment and I've popped you in th draw for my scarf!
    JoZarty x

  6. I thought I would answer your questions about the AB. I use a LOT of gesso. I use it on pages, I use it on my covers, I use it to prime my wooden blocks. I am sure you won't use as much as I use, because you use a lot more scrapbook paper than I do. However, I'm glad I found this because I was tired of buying those smaller jars (I've gone through three of them in about two years and I've been making a lot of fabric pieces lately, so that means less gesso used).

    As for the cover, I like to prime it first so it doesn't get too messed up. If not, it gets paint and scrapes and all kinds of messes on it, like the heart book in my WOYWW post. After I prime it, I don't have to worry about it, but I keep the design of the cover in mind when I'm altering the book. Once the book is finished, I then design the cover. But I never do that until I'm completely finished with the book. Thanks for asking and say hi to Chris for me.


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