Thursday, 2 February 2012

Little Book of Secrets - Vintage Sewing

So at last the second of the little books of secrets has arrived at it's destination in the UK!!  Yay!!
Lynne's chosen theme was vintage sewing... so I hope I have covered both ideas.
I did encounter a certain fatness problem once I started to decorate all the signatures!
As you can see.... but I think the effect is vintagey fatness of a good sort!!
I used lots of sewing themed stamps and did some embossing.
I got my sewing machine out and did lots of sewing on the pages.

Made an extended flap page with sewing themed pictures.
Added some Maya Road chipboard sewing pieces.
Made some slide in tags to go under the velvet ribbons.
Some lace frames and embossed stamping.
Made a couple of pocket pages and added some tags.
Lots of lace from Saudi Arabia.
More lace and some vintage pattern downloads.
A pull down tab with silver embossed dress form image and a pocket page.
The pocket was supposed ;) to look like a paper pattern holder.
and inside are some patterns stamped onto brown tissue paper to represent patterns.
More stamping and embossing...
My Grandmother's favourite quote.
This is the base with the four drawers filled with sewing bits and bobs.  I hope Lynne like it.


  1. fabulous. You know it never even entered my had to do tags and things. Wish I had have now.

  2. OMGosh! This is beyond gorgeous. I would say you hit "vintage sewing" on the head. From the patterns to the lace to the pockets, you have created an amazing book. I am so very impressed (and a bit intimidated by your amazing talent). Those scissors that tied the book together were the perfect addition. And I need to call you the Queen of Embellishments.

    BTW, I knew you stamped a bit, but I have never seen you use that many stamps in one book. Or, if I have, I have never noticed. It seemed that each page had at least one stamp on it. But it's all the embellishing you did that made everything come together so very, very well. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

  3. wow this is fab such a lot of work but result is stunning
    thanks for sharing
    janet #6

  4. oh my! This one is also Gorgeous! I just made one. Well, it is not decorated yet and it has 5 secret drawers. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
    Michelle *Ü*

  5. This is so gorgeous and so much work. All the details, lace/tags/stamping are amazing.
    Just worried now the book that is on its way to you from the UK is a bit skinny compared to this. LOL

  6. Wow that is one seriously gorgeous book! So much stunning detail - I am sure Lynne will love and treasure it when she receives it, lucky lady!

  7. All I can say is WOW Annette, simply gorgeous and the general fatness just shows how much time and effort have been put into the same!

  8. Another amazing piece of work - never fail to be impressed by your books. I'm sure the receipient will love it - I know I would.

  9. And I am the one lucky recipient of this amazing piece of work from one incredible crafting Annette. I am absolutely in awe and can't stop playing with all the interactive bits and stroking the rest!

    Another big thank you, Annette :-D

  10. This is jaw dropping GORGEOUS, the detail is amazing, please do a tutorial on these I want one--No I need one, you clever lady, Hugs May x x x x x

  11. Beautiful, and so packed with yumminess!!!!

  12. Wow I can't imagine how long all that would take. My goodness. What talent x

  13. Just gorgeous!!!!
    I just replied to you in my comments ... then thought you may not come back :0)
    This is what I said ...
    There were no destructions for the book Annette ... I made it up as I went along ... the only bit I used destructions for was the framey bit and that is in Shari Carroll's book "Layers". You could do it all easy peasy!
    I bet your son is grateful to his Mummy now!

  14. I dropped by to answer your question about your subject and materials. I cover all that in the first lesson. No need to worry. You will know so much more than you ever wanted to know when I am finished on Monday. You have time to come up with a theme. No need to start early. BTW, the class will go "live," so to speak, at 10 pm your time.

  15. **giggle**

    It just seems so right to see your books on the 'chubby' side - they are beautiful and always look so inviting. This one is amazing.

    Toni xx

  16. I am so SERIOUSLY LOVING those little secret books.... I almost bought a pack of match books at the grocery store just to make one!!!

  17. Fantastic ! If she doesn't love it (ya I know) she can send it my way.

  18. Adorable-love your grandmom's quote.

  19. I'm speechless - well almost, it's beyond fantastic!!!!!!!


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