Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I'm here in spirit...

Yep, you might actually be thinking that I have fallen off the edge of the planet but I am still here, in spirit, if not body!!  It's been a couple of really manic busy weeks getting the house ready to go on the market. I haven't had any time for scrapping or playing with paper and glue and am now down to this as supplies!
I have a few bits and pieces that I need to finish up and get in the post and my poor altered book is sitting neglected in its basket... but at least I know I can go back and re-visit Elizabeth's tutorials and work through them when things quiet down a bit.
My realtor has had me scrub and polish and de-clutter to within an inch of my life and the photographer has been and done his bit and the results are here.http://homesite.obeo.com/viewer/default.aspx?tourid=723534
and we had our first open house on Sunday afternoon.  Chris and I managed to catch the cats and put them in their carriers and leave them in the basement while we went out for the afternoon... and my UK friends will understand my confusion when it comes to having to actually leave my house and let anyone pop in and have a wander about!!  I figure that all the nosey neighbours have now had their look-see and hopefully only serious buyers will be making appointments to view from now on. ;)
When we got back after the open house and found out that Tom-Tom had meowed melodiously for the entire 3 hours we decided to get them a dog crate that they can go into together....
and for the viewing last night it seemed to work better than the carriers as they both were quiet... I am arranging to have stitches where Pandy protested about being shoved head first into it... I am sure my arm will recover given time and long sleeves will hide the scars!
Found this sign at the pet store so if any little kids pole their fingers into the cage its not like they haven't been warned!! 
They look like butter wouldn't melt don't they??? LOL
So, wish me a speedy sale... the stress is killing me... well, the constant polishing and vacuuming is definitely killing me!


  1. What I want to know is, where did you hide the litter box (grin)? Your clean-up was even more thorough than mine has been, but I haven't had a photographer in to photograph the place. So what did you do with all the furniture? I noticed much of it was gone, especially from the basement area, or at least it seems that way.

    It's nice to be a neat person, which I know you are, but that kitchen was the PERFECT example of how to sell a home. And I don't envy you having to make that bed so perfectly every day. I'd be sleeping on the couch when Chris is gone, if I were you (grin). Although I do it, I hate making my bed every day. It seems like such a chore, especially if I have not really "slept" in it much the night before.

    Good luck with the sale. I know it's the wise thing to do, and starting early never hurts, since this is such a soft sellers market.

    I have truly missed you, but I can certainly relate. And people wonder what happened to you when you take time to deep clean like you and I have the past couple of weeks.

  2. I forgot to mention, I have one of those RubberMaid storage units in my back yard, too. But I only have a small garage, so I'm sure mine is fuller of garden supplies than yours. Just think, if you were just moving across the country rather than to a DIFFERENT country, you could pack it up and take it with you. I know I will be tempted to do so if I ever move from here!!

  3. well looking at that video has made me want to buy your house and i live in the uk,do hope you sell it soon so you can relax and get sorted,x

  4. Your house looks beautiful. I feel like one of your nosey neighbours but I love looking at other peoples houses lol. It is amazingly tidy, I could never achieve that level of tidyness! Good luck with selling it, I hope it goes quickly for your sanity if nothing else lol.

  5. I'm not really stalking you, but you have been gone SO long, I forgot to mention that it truly is the custom in the US (and I assume from your remarks in Canada, too) for the seller to be gone when a buyer or potential buyer is coming. The realtors don't want you there because they feel that might put undo pressure on the buyer, or cause them to be put off. Potential buyers can't speak freely with the seller around. They always call to let you know someone is coming, so you aren't surprised when they arrive. I've been through a couple of those myself, so I speak from experience. I was quite surprised that is not the case in the UK.

    BTW, I hope the vet (grin) can reattach your arm!

  6. I wish you luck with the sale ...I would hate leaving the house for strangers to nose around.
    We have one of those cages for our cats ...great for new cats so that the others can get used to the scent ...all so great for new feline mums so they feel safe.

  7. Are you tired of me yet? To answer your question, they are called sage or smudge bundles and I am NOT going to burn them. I AM going to give them to friends who are hard to buy for (and are not all that arty) as gifts so THEY can burn them. I have SO much sage, I need to find some use for it. I'm not big on sage in soups or stuffing.

  8. Can't believe you're leaving Canada already.... seems like you just got there! Your house is beautiful, of course, and makes me homesick for American-style (and price!) homes with big rooms, walk-in closets, and efficient kitchens. Maybe someday the builders here in the UK will "get" it. Good luck on the house selling. I'm sure it won't take long.

  9. Oh poor you. I hope all goes well and you get a speedy sale.

    Those 'furballs' really do look as if butter wouldn't melt LOL

    Toni xx

  10. Well, I have been following your blog since you were in South Africa, I think you are probably an expert at moving countries by now. My problem is not letting go of things I should. What are you going to do with your kitties? Do you know where you are going to now. Back to Scotland ?
    Wishing you much happiness, Chris


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