Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Yay... I made the boxes disappear!

It took till 11.30 last night but they are gone and the basement actually looks like a room again!!
It looks fairly neat and tidy for a basement, doesn't it?  
Of course, the storage space under the stairs is completely chocker block with them... stacked 5 high!!

OK... so there are still half a dozen in the corner over there... but what is a girl to do? I couldn't hide them in the half bath or peeps coming to view the house might think it was a teeny weeny room which would sort of negate the bonus of having a half bath in the basement, don't you think?  Oh and where on earth did the phrase half bath come from?  It's daft.  It seems that this is real estate talk where if you have a half bath you have a bathroom without a bath in it... normal folk would refer to them as toilets!! ;)   I like the above photo... Pandora is coming through the door and looking around as if to say: 'where did all the boxes go'??  In true pantomime spirit I am yelling: 'behind you'!!!  (The panto reference may be completely lost on my North American audience... I think pantos are a totally British thing).
So is all the stash packed?  Nope... still got a 16 square Ikea unit and couple of chest of drawers to do... LOL


  1. That's your basement? Wow! It's huge! And lovely! :)

    My cellar is nice and big... but it's also dark and spidery and full of boxes and bits! :lol:


  2. That is such a wonderful room Annette...and sooooooooo tidy (even with those few boxes in the corner).

    Toni xx

  3. Well done to you, that took some hard work on your part. I would love a space like this to chill in.

  4. Oh my word Annette...it's such hard work. Keep going though gal, the end of the story is such a good one!

  5. I love your basement,and please would you swap your cat with mine??????

  6. OK, I'm lost. I thought the packers were going to pack you. Is this the stuff you are taking to Scotland, or what? What am I missing here? I'm either daft or not understanding the scheme, although I DO understand the pantomime yell. Could it be my British heritage showing?

    As for the boxes under the stairs. At first I thought one of the cats was stuffed in cat carrier on the floor (grin). I wondered how you were going to get Tom-Tom out, since we already know where Pandy is!

  7. Hello Lynn, your basement looks bigger than my entire house! Great job done on the packing. I've scrolled back on your posts but can't find where you said you were moving ... and where to - Scotland? I think it might just be me, but I'd expect at least a shower in a half bath :) Good luck with the rest of the move. Elizabeth x


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