Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Swallowed by a black hole...

not really, but you would be forgiven for thinking it!!  I have been a wee bit busy and managed nothing scrappy unless you include putting cardboard packing boxes together in that category?  LOL
I have had some breaks from the packing though!  It was the Calgary Stampede 100th Year this year so Chris and I went along for the day and enjoyed a pancake breakfast with Fluor.
Here is Chris in his cowboy hat...
and moi in her pink one!! 
We also had a fabulous weekend away in Vail, Colorado, we left last Thursday and got back Sunday evening.  The occasion was a reunion of people who lived and went to school in Marsa el Brega, Libya... so some 40 plus years had passed since I had seen them!!  
Here is my BFF from 7th and 8th grade, Sharyl.
and I found this statue of a skier.... so couldn't resist!! ;)
Sharyl, Joanie (who I babysat when she was little) and Bryce who was my younger brother's best friend.
Bryce had come to the reunion on his Harley and even let me sit on it!!
So that's another of the bucket list items ticked off!! 


  1. I wondered what had happened to you. Can you send me your current address to my cox account? Do you remember it (the e-mail addy, not your temporary address, that is)? I have some rusty fabric for you and want to send it before you leave. The reason? The rates to send packages to Canada are cheaper than to Scotland or ??? Also, please give me a cutoff date as to when it MUST get to you. Thanks in advance dear missed friend.

  2. Love the hat ....glad you are able to chill a bit ...and wow ...my dream when younger, was to get a ride on the back of a Harley.

  3. Love the pink hat Annette.

    Glad to hear you have had a chance to break away from the packing and it looks like you've had a great time.

    Toni xx

  4. I thought i had been to see you recently and saw you with your freinds.. must have been dreaming, it is always fun to see what you are doing with or without a craft project, love the handle bar mustache ( his not yours)


  5. Glad you are off having fun and working on the bucket list! Missed seeing your art.

  6. It looks like you all had a whale of a time - and have the photos to prove it! Not long now so, make the most of adding to the memories :)

  7. I only have one thing on my Bucket list and I don't think it will ever get ticked off cos it is Ranger U in the USA and the cost of getting there is so huge that I think it has put it out of the question...going to have to retire that item on my list I think instead!

  8. Looks like your having a wonderful time so if your not blogging tuff for us but you have to have a life now don't you xx

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