Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm back! WOYWW - July 24th 2012

Thank goodness for WOYWW!!  I have missed everyone but with not having anything crafty to report and no time to visit I decided it was best not even try and join in.  I am now ensconced in the temporary apartment and my stash should be sailing it's way across the ocean to the Scotland. The house sale went through yesterday after a week of exhausting running about and frantic packing!  So it is goodbye lovely basement scraproom and hello corner of desk in the apartment!
This is my stash... oh dear... such a pitiful sight!!  They are mini books to go on jigsaws and if any of my fellow swappees see this they will probably sigh with relief!!  They will be in the post as soon as I finish sticking and locate the post office!!
Here are Pandy and Tom-Tom watching the birds in the sky from the 6th floor balcony window!
This is the view from the balcony... it's actually far prettier at night when everything is lit up.
So one of the last things we had to do at the house was read the meters and return the wireless modem to Shaw's office downtown... about a 25 minute drive away.  So I locked up the house leaving the keys inside for the new owners and we went downtown with the modem and to pay the final bill and once there, the girl took the modem and checked the final account and asked where the phone modem was.... what phone modem? we reply... if you had a phone then you had a phone modem...  we did?  Nobody said anything about a phone modem when I called up to ask what particular hoops we had to jump through to cancel the phone, internet and TV package!!  So she shows us this black box... oh yes!  we have one of those on the wall near the electric fuse box!!  Well, it needs to be returned or we will have to charge you $89 for it...  $89 ?  Blast.... so I call the realtor and ask if I could have the keys to the house that she kept for showings and which she hands to the lawyers on completion for the new owners to get in.... and luckily her office is open on a Sunday afternoon so we drive back up town and collect the keys... drive back to the house and disconnect the black box and then drive back to the realtor office and hand the keys back and downtown to Shaw's with the black box and stand in the queue.... and stand in the queue.... and stand in the queue... and then hand the phone modem to the girl who promptly, with nonchalant abandon, threw three feet into a huge box with about 50 other modems where it landed with a resounding crash!!  LOL  Heck, $89 is $89!! ;)


  1. OMGoodness, what a lovely view and welcome back to woywwland!! Hope you had a great time...I'm sure you did!
    Thanks for my snoop!! Happy WOYWW
    no number yet!

  2. Oh I bet Pandy and Tom Tom enjoy that view! Nice to have you back to WOYWW. Sorry you lost studio space but I'm sure it won't stop you from making lots of yummy creations! Happy WOYWW! Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  3. Looks like Pandy and tom Tom are fascinated with their sky view, lol Well, half of your move is over :) waving hi, waiting for Julia to post, from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Lovely view Annette...you'll have to show us a night shot before you leave.

    The cats certainly seem to be enjoying the view.

    How long before you actually return to the UK?

    Toni xx

  5. It's lovely to see you again even in temporary surroundings... it sounds a frantic last few days. Happy WOYWW, Helen #6

  6. Sunds like a busy time for you, great view and I am sure night time is amazing! Have a great week trace. X9

  7. OMGee Annette, you are good..I'd have probably been moved to smack her in the mouth...that sort of pointlessness really presses my buttons! It's so like you to be making mini teeny books when all around you is a hundred reasons why not. So now, you really are nearly here..enjoy the apartment high life for a while, there's a lot of unpacking to do when you get here!

  8. Great view - its fun how we can craft no matter how much or how little space we have isnt it! Hope the move goes ok. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #1

  9. Look forward to seeing lots of wonderful creations from your new corner desk :-)
    A x

  10. Pandy & Tom Tom are enjoying the view of their temp home.. great pic.. As for the modem does it not what to make you spit.. running around like that for them to chuck in a box grrrr.... When do you come back to Scotland???? it must be driving you crazy with no stash...Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

  11. I think I would have throttled the modem-chucking girl after all that hassle you were put through!!!! Or screamed very loudly! But, as you say, $89 and all that....
    Hope you manage to survive with that small craft area, at least it's not for long..
    And your cats look like they're checking out whether they can chase a small aircraft successfully!! Lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ #27 xx

  12. Pandy and Tom Tom are clearly working out how to get access to the tweety birds way up high! Good luck with the move. Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  13. gorgeous view!
    tfs happy WOYWW! :) Mrs C.xx #33

  14. Moving is a huge upset, and to have this bother at the end is just mean. Shame on that clerk. You did make a funny story of it, though. ; ) Charlotte #42

  15. So glad to have you back! At least Pandy and Tom Tom have a great view :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #49

  16. Oh gee, moving is a pain. Robs you of your stash for too long, and puts you in touch with too many bureaucrats! What happens with Pandy and Tomtom? Do they have to spend time in quarantine?
    Good to hear your news.
    Ros. #19

  17. you are speaking to a woman that drove 100 miles to save £30 - just because of the smug look on the face of the person demanding it who did not believe anyone would be daft enough to do it,

    so do you want latte, cappucino or a straight up americano - I an SOOOO excited....

    also I love that for once I am not overawed by your craft desk....
    dx @ 65

  18. Nice to see kitties settled in ok. Bet with your limited resources you still come up with some stunning results though Annette!

  19. Tom-tom and Pandy look as though they are non too happy to be living on the 6th floor. The view's not bad, lots of lovely trees but is that car parks I see there? I've trying to work out where you've relocated to in Scotland but there's nothing to give me a real clue except the partial logo on the building to the left. Anywhere near Ayr, I wonder? Hope your stash arrives soon as the little you have clearly will not keep you happy. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #24

  20. Moving can be so complicated! Glad you were able to retrieve the modum even if it got trashed. Love the view out your window and hope you will be very happy there! Glenda 71

  21. Lovely view,

    Happy woyww,

    Rebecca #62

  22. Lovely to have you back Annette, I'm impressed that you've still got a little desk, that's dedication! When do you finally make it back to British soil? And more importantly, how long will you be staying until the mister gets itchy feet!! Can't believe you had to take the stuff back to their office for the internet, never had to do that before!

    Brenda 86

  23. Hope you'll be happy in your new surroundings and your crafty stuff arrives soon!
    Bernice #74

  24. Great view! Looks like the cats really like it too. dani #110

  25. Moving can be stressful at the best of times, last thing you need is more hassle! Glad it got sorted, not long now until you have a proper craft space again? Trish #55

  26. OH my! The ending of your story made me laugh. Yep, we'll charge you $89 for something we're going to put in the scrap heap. That is nice that they showed you what you were missing. I hate looking for things I don't know what they are. Your stash is pitiful indeed but I'm sure you'll find a thing or two to keep you busy.

    I love the photo of the kitties. They seem to be discussing the view amongst themselves. Maybe like this: Notice how we're at the same height as the birds?

    Yep, I saw that.

    Do you think we're flying?

    Yes, this must be flying. It IS easy!

  27. Lovely view...I don't envy your moving experience. We've done it 15 times. I told DH...one more and I'm done. Will be to our retirement home, I guess, as this one will be too costly to retire in....#80

  28. Nice to see you back! The parts of Scotland I have visited are so beautiful & green. I hope you have happy crafting days soon!

  29. Lovely view, would love to see it at night. #81

  30. If it isn't one problem when moving, it's another. I'm glad you got it sorted out and got your money back, too. Sorry I didn't join in this week. I've been very, very busy.

    The "kids" look happy and curious. Seems they have truly taken to indoor life. Hope you have no problems when you move wherever.

  31. Hope you are not stuck in the apartment for too long...sounds alike you are returning to Britain...Scotland???
    Sounds like fun!

    Take care and hope you are still able to paper craft in the apt.

  32. Welcome back...$89 dollars towards crafy stash!!

    Kyla #42

  33. happy WOYWW! i hope you still get to do your crafts even without the big basement craft space. welcome to the club of small desks!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  34. Lordy...i bet your're glad when it's all over and you stay in your own home again. Are you angry with me when i say that i don't want to change with you right now... and i wanted..very often (:o)And i have to thank you!! Why you're asking? Guess what? I assembled your less patient secret book and it's published in a german scrap magazin. I want to give you a big hug, if you don't mind (:o)
    More about it on my blog in 6 weeks. - As you see, i'm still here, watching your exciting movement. If i meet a fairy, i make a wish for you!!

    xo Elly

  35. LOL - what a roller coaster of emotions to end up with all your hard work being binned! (Mind you, that sounds like me crafting too ....!)

  36. Love the photo of Pandy and Tom Tom and look forward to a night view from your huge balcony window.
    Gosh, that was an interesting trip you had with the modem but I would have been tempted to leap over the desk and throttle that madam. Bet she was a young thing too.
    Ah well, you got your $89 payment stopped - better in your pocket.
    When do you arrive in Scotland?
    Hugs, Neet xx


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