Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Apartment Living...

I have never lived in a high rise apartment before... it has both positives and negatives.  The two cats were a bit mystified, as we had taken them to the cattery whilst the packers came in and did the shipment so they were pretty stressed out when they didn't go home and were brought here to the apartment instead.  I found an aromatherapy spray that is supposed to be calming to cats and sort of did that Fabreeze thing on the sofa and chairs....
think I may have overdone it a bit?
The apartment isn't anything special... but they let me have the cats so I don't really mind that it is not quite 2 star rating!!  I think I may be being generous with the two star rating because when we moved in there were a lot of marks on the lounge carpet so I gave a few a wash.... now I have these clean spots on the grubby carpet.... not sure which looks worse!! LOL   
this is the kitchen... 
yep... would you look at that stove???  I am sure my Mum had those sort of knobs on a stove in the 70's!!
But just two doors down from my door is this...

and inside is another and inside that is this...
and you open it up and shove your rubbish inside where it slides down 6 floors and lands with a really satisfying thunk!!  I obviously don't have enough to do because I make about three trips a day just to play with the chute!!  LOL
I have four more weeks of apartment living... then I get to go home to Scotland!! 


  1. Better the apartment with cats than the grandest home without them I think :D. I'd be playing with the chute too, I've never had access to one lol. The cats certainly look relaxed! I'll have to look into that spray for days when mine get tense.

  2. What an adventure :-) I'd be sending all sorts down that chute :-)
    A x

  3. not long to go then til your proper home,cats look settled,x

  4. They certainly look like two very 'chilled' pud-tats.

    Not sure what type of weather you'll be arriving home to Annette as it has been chopping & changing at a rate of knots - very wet and chilly today.

    Gosh I giggled when I saw the oven - we had a neighbour who had one of those type. Apart from being big it was strange because it was electric - everyone in our family had gas at that time.

    Toni xx

  5. Wont be long now to you are home.. the cats looks soooooo relaxed.. must get some of that spray.. for mine tee-hee. I expect you are making your last Michael's trips, When I visited Calgary last year I made B-Line for Michaels..suitcase overload..
    What part of Scotland do you live Anita? I was born in Scotland myself.. Married 35years ago to my DH who is English We used to live in London.. But for the last 15 years we have lived in East Sussex.. Looking foward to you taking part With a desk in WOYWW... Hugs May x x x

  6. Love the chute beats going out in the rain with the rubbish any day! Agree that the apartment with the cats is the best option. Do they have to suffer quarrantine when they head to Scotland?

  7. Oh, you're the chute lurker!! Not long now! Can I get a can of human spray to do that sort of job?!¬

  8. I've been offline for two days and have not checked my e-mail messages for even longer. Sorry. I'll check in soon.

    Those are two pretty laid back cats. Guess the stress dissipated in a can.

    This is a typical apartment where companies put you up for a few weeks. The manager probably gave you one that has a grungy carpet in case your cats aren't as careful as you (grin). I wouldn't mess with the carpet or anything else, since the apt. manager might think you tried to clean up cat poo. Although it wasn't a high rise (two stories only), I've been there, done that when I traveled in industry!

  9. I think your cats have settled in nicely! Guess the spray worked. I had one of those trash shoots when I got my first apartment, too. Brings back memories.

  10. Love those pictures! The cats overdosing on calming stuff, the antiquated cooker and the chute within a chute.
    Not to worry Anette, you have not that long to go now and just think you will soon be back in Scotland. You are waiting now for it to be over and we are waiting for you to get crafting again - we have missed your wonderful work (well I have).
    Safe journey when the time comes - perhaps you should go to the modem store and spray the cheeky woman with that spray.
    Hugs, Neet xx 27

  11. you can of course exchange pens for stamps - can you look on the Artistic Stamper Shop site and let me know which designs add up to the value of the pens as I will be taking my left over stamps with me on the 15th August to give away to bloggy/woywwer friends, Jennie retails at very good value so you might be able to get more than one...

    cats look blissed out,

    chute amazing - I would be trying different weights of bags to do speed/thunk comparisons...


    ps thanks for the tip re the blog site- i'm actually half way through moving server platform so it is probably that - will finish the work this week end and then it should all be back to normal... I was suppose to be able to run both sites until I finished the second but it woudl appear not - the only other thing it might be is that you might need to take your web browser upgrades?

  12. you REALLY made me chuckle with the cats pic Annette. Bet you cant wait to go home.

  13. Wow, not long now that you are home again ... the mine will fly by!!

  14. Aw that takes me back to a flat my grandparents lived in in Edinburgh, it had a rubbish chute too. Welcome home, it won't be long now. P.S. I've overdone the capnip once or twice and had a similar reaction from our furry friend :)

  15. Aw that takes me back to a flat my grandparents lived in in Edinburgh, it had a rubbish chute too. Welcome home, it won't be long now. P.S. I've overdone the capnip once or twice and had a similar reaction from our furry friend :)

  16. I'm sure you miss your lovely scraproom! Hang in there...the weeks will fly by. Being an American, I just love seeing that "rubbish" shoot. Rubbish is a much nicer word than "garbage."

  17. What's the fabreeze trick?
    And I look after some flats for rent near me and we used to have one of the garbage chutes and was fab - unfortunately they removed it during renovations and now have to walk down 5 flights of stairs to take rubbish to bin!


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