Tuesday, 12 November 2013

T on Tuesday

Across road from where I live is a small park with a memorial for a WWI soldier. 
26 years old, how sad, the same age as my son. 
In the ground in front is a poppy embedded into the concrete.

The sign explains that Andrew Clarke was the only soldier from the village to have lost his life in WWI.
So I popped over to visit with him yesterday (which was Remembrance Day here) and leave my poppy on the gate. I don't think there are any of the Clarke family remaining in the area as the house was knocked down a few weeks after I moved here in April this year and it is now for sale, but his name lives on as the street I live in is Andrew Avenue.   
I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T on Tuesday with a cup of Chai tea and a chocolate chip biscuit... I am trying to find a tea that tastes like tea... I gave up smoking a month ago and since then my cup of tea has changed its taste!  Woe is me!  Those that know me, know that my tea consumption is way past the norm and to have it taste weird is devastating to say the least... hopefully by going through the supermarket tea shelf I will find one that agrees with my new taste buds. 


  1. Well done for giving up smoking, and a new taste in tea is a small price to pay for a new healthier you (and richer).

  2. I had NO idea you smoked. That makes you SO human. I've given up smoking three times. This last time I gained 60 lbs in four months. And I'm only 4'11" tall. I went from 100 lbs to 160 in the blink of an eye. Do you know how hard it is to lose 60 lbs? Needless to say, I have about 25 more to go.

    It was SO thoughtful of you to leave the poppy on the gate. And I was thrilled to see you also honored those soldiers who had fallen, even if it was only ONE from your city.

    I hope you find a tea you like soon. It's as bad as me saying I don't like coffee with cream anymore. Of course, if I gave up the cream, I might lose those extra lbs. (grin). Have a terrific T and remembrance today, dear friend.

  3. Well done for quitting smoking... I quit a few years ago and saved the money for a new car. Cigarettes in Canada are very pricey... Around $13 a pack... And I was a heavy smoker... Saved for 19 months and went out and bought a new car for cash!!!! Love it...

    Thank you for the amazing tribute. I only hope that someone will remember my Dad when I am gone,, he was of the generation that volunteered to fight a war that was not his. I was lucky. He came home from WWII. So many Canadians did not come home,,, we need to honor the past and respect the present military for all they do. Canadians are known now as peacekeepers, but there was a time that we were the first to defend others.

    Crop on and hugs to you...
    Janet in the Jaw

  4. Congrats and stay strong on the cigarette front - I gave up on the 1st July 1990 as that was when my then employer banned it from the building and I decided I was not going to be someone who frequented the foot path... and yes I have steadily put on weight over the years but I cant blame dropping the smokes - I just like my food too much LOL.... Nice to see your rememberance day activity too - I always get a tear in my eye thinking about it all - past & present - Have a great week - Happy T Day - Mxx

  5. How typically thoughtful of you girlfriend. in remembering one you honour them all. How lovely of train do to make a 'park' for him too.
    brilliant brilliant on the non smoking. Well done. Must say you're in the right place...when we were in Sydney it was positively and publicly miserable to be a smoker!

  6. Well done you on giving up the ciggies (all that extra money for craft stash LOL).

    What a lovely way to mark Remembrance day.

    Toni xx

  7. So happy to hear you gave up smoking, it will be so worth it. A new healthier you and extra money. It's a big commitment, one day at a time!! So happy for this!

    How sweet this post was, love that you visited him and left a poppy. How beautiful this area for him is too, love that embedded poppy too.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Good luck with your tea search too. Happy T Day to you!

  8. Hmm tea that tastes like tea hey, it depends on what you like, there are so many flavours out there. So types do you like, give me a hint hahaha. I like the fruity ones and the early and lady grey types. I dont like the burnt ones
    Bridget Larsen

  9. Opps didnt quite finish my comments. that is sad the 26 year old soldier but what a great memorial to him.
    Cant imagine seeing that in a suburb nowadays, one has to go through all the hoops and red tape to put up a memorial of that sort

  10. Well done you for remembering that soldier. 26 is no age at all.
    Well done for giving up the weed too! As for tea, have you tried Glengettie - the Welsh tea of choice for me. email me your addie and I will send you a box.

  11. Congratulations on stopping smoking...hope your tastebuds will adjust so you can enjoy your tea again like old times!

    Your post and photos are very moving with your poppy on the wrought iron gate...a very sweet remembrance...

    Happy November

  12. How thoughtful of you to leave a poppy on the gate. I like Chai but there are so many different ones out there it may take a bit of testing to find the one that suits you.


  13. Congrats on the non smoking you and for your new taste buds! that is exciting, you get to really experience flavors now without the mask of the tobacco coating. woo hoo! so do you typically like black teas or herbals or more milds like whites or greens? You may find you like them all now! lol
    Happy T to you,

  14. Touching memorial to the fallen soldier and so nice of you to take the time to visit & leave the poppy.

    Good for you for giving up smoking! Think of all the fun you will have going through the tea shelves.

  15. Good for you for giving up smoking! I'm sure you'll eventually find a type of tea that you'll like...anyway, I bet the chocolate chip cookie was tasty! :)

    Your post was a lovely tribute to honor the fallen soldier from your town. The poppy that your town installed in the pavement is a really nice touch.

  16. Good for you giving up smoking. I quit for the final time almost 10 years ago. One of the hardest things I've ever done. I love chai tea...i think that's a good "gateway" tea. :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. Thank you for sharing this story about the young soldier.
    Hope you will soon find a tea that you will love.

  18. Oh, I love what you did at the memorial.
    Smoking....I stopped for 3 years then went to work for my DH and MIL, enough said? DH was ok, MIL would drive anyone to their death!
    Good luck to you! Your tastes and smells will definitely change, and all for the good.
    Someday I'll do it again for the last time.

  19. Hello again, I am sorry for the confusion on my posts yesterday. I did post twice in the same day and accidently linked the wrong one to T time and had to re-link up the right one. I did share some of the same photos in both posts and had the postcards in just one of them. Sorry again for the confusion.
    I did explain in Elizabeth's comments to skip the first one but it was too late by then.
    Have a good day and thanks for both your comments!

  20. Yes! Our taste buds change after we quit smoking! I remember that well, even though I quit back in 1989. I hope you find a tea that tastes good to you again. :)


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