Tuesday, 5 November 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday...
I have a mug of frothy coffee and lots of strips of paper that I have stamped to within a inch of their lives... 
I made a pile of my coffee paper yesterday and now I am sitting playing in the hope that Mr Mojo will return from where ever he is and join in the fun.
the frangipani are in full bloom and smell wonderful
the lillies are also in full colour
and the large cheeseplants in my garden produce these flowers, they are huge, about 10 inches in length... they don't last long though, they bloom one day and the next there is no sign of them... no, honest, they vanish completely as though they were never there... I think possums eat them at night!!
All of this is viewed through my watering eyes, running nose and scratchy throat... yes, it seems I have moved to the world's worst hayfever city for this time of year... 


  1. Ah, but the photos are clear and crisp, even if your eyes are watery. Sorry to hear you have hay fever. This can't be good. Seems this city has been the worst place for you. I've NEVER known you to be ill like this before. I'll be glad when you get back "home."

    Love those flowers. I've never heard of ANY of them before. We have nothing similar anywhere near me, not even at our Botanical Gardens. Guess we have lilies, but none that color!

    Coffee stained paper is always a good way to jump start your mojo. I hope it returns soon. Seems you have tried everything I would also try when mojoless, so have no advice.

    I knew as soon as I saw the photo that you weren't drinking tea. I knew because it wasn't in a cup and saucer (grin).

    Thanks for joining T today. I truly hope you feel better soon and find your mojo along the way, too.

  2. What gorgeous flowers!! I have never heard of a cheeseplant before, at first I thought that was an egg....LOL
    Sorry to hear about the hay fever your enduring. Our allergy season is about at an end, thank goodness!
    What are you going to make with your paper strips?
    Do share!

  3. After your comment, I went back and looked at the photo. These ladies WERE playing cards. Maybe they were waiting on someone, or waiting on their food. I have no idea, but this is SO funny that you would pick up on that and I didn't, even though I was there!

  4. A missing mojo and hayfever - oh that's not fun sweetie. Hope you manage to find something to alleviate the hayfever and that the mojo returns soon.


  5. Your photos knocked my socks off. The colors are so beautiful. Hope Mr Mojo returns soon to help you with your wonderful strips.

  6. Sorry to hear about your hayfever - hope it eases soon.

    Lovely photos and boy have you stamped those strips. I'm sure they will be producing something fabulous as soon as 'mojo' has returned from his vacation.

    Toni xx

  7. argh, hay fever...poor you, how vile. I just saw (but didn't pin) some stamped paper strips woven into a fab background....I wonder where you're going with these..they already look fab!!

  8. Oh - hope you feel better soon! Here it is autumen/winter, so no hayfever. But on the other hand it is pretty cold and certainly there is no frangipani!


  9. Making supplies to use in your art is a pretty smart way to find Mr. Mojo! I'll have to remember that for when he abandons me. I can commiserate as I suffer from seasonal allergies--I hope you feel better soon. The flowers and photos are gorgeous! The cheeseplant's flower reminded me of an egg.

  10. Those paper strips look fab - hope mojo comes round soon - oooh I love Franjipanies - they smell divine... I may plant one in my courtyard I think... Happy T Day Mxx

  11. Your flowers are doing so nicely. I think those paper strips are going to show up in some interesting art.


  12. Lovely to see you are returning to creativity. The flowers you share are gorgeous but if it is at the price of your runny nose and eyes I guess it is not much fun.
    Still, the flowers are gorgeous.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  13. BEAUTIFUL flowers...and stamped strips! Will we get to see what you make from them? stamping is not that easy for me, I always manage to smear something. These look lovely and always fun to see the wonderful combinations and the results!

  14. Gorgeous flowers! Sorry to hear you're dealing with hay fever. :( Hope some moisture comes and washes the pollen from the air. I too am curious about how all those lovely stamp strips will be used. I looked ...mr. mojo is hiding here. Hugs on T day.

  15. Hello, Those tea stain paper strips look so pretty. Would love to play with them. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Beautiful flowers, love the colors.
    Sorry for the hayfever, feel better soon.

  16. The flowers look fabulous, but I think those stamped papers are going to be fun to play with!
    Hope you're feeling better Happy T Day!


  17. "stamped within an inch of their lives"....my very favorite line!!! Beautiful flowers.
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  18. your coffee stained strips look marvelous! And those flowers-just gorgeous-and nothing like I've seen before. Sorry you had to suffer to share these beauties.

  19. Hope you will feel better soon. Those coffee paper strips look awesome. I hope to come back and see what you have done with it.

  20. Sorry to hear about your hayfever. I have just had the worst 6 months of hay fever ever... I am now trying a steroid nasal spray so fingers crossed.
    Hope your mojo came back, I can't wait to see what you do with those pretty stamped strips.
    Happy T Day, sorry it late.


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