Tuesday, 19 November 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday with a mug of chai tea... still looking for a new tea that my tastebuds will accept, have tried a few of the Earl Gray types and they didn't suit.
I had made a pile of little rosettes with the TH rosette die that fell into my shopping basket at the weekend... 
so thought it would be a good idea to make a set of little note cards, they might be handy as a gift if I made a little folder box for them? 

and I had a pile of book pages from my altered book so thought I would make a wreath for the wall, I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations here with me, so this should make it look a little more festive! 
I filled the centre with large jingle bells and some pearls 
I think I might try making a smaller version in Christmas patterned paper but it will wait till my Mum gets here later this week and we can cut and fold all those pieces a team!! 


  1. G stands for Gorgeous YOU. Hope you find a tea soon that suits your needs. I know how taste buds can change.

    Love the wreath. I've wanted to make one of those for a couple of years, ever since I saw one on someone's blog. Yours is fantastic. The gal whose blog I saw it on was selling them and I think they were in the $60.00 (US) price range back then. I can only imagine what she's getting for them, now.

    I bet you'll be glad when your mom (MUM) gets there. I know it will be fun to see how she takes to Australia. I remember her visit to Canada and how cold she looked when you two went out and about. I take it she'll be staying for Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing your Chai AND your wreath today, dear friend.

  2. Lovely note cards Annette and that wreath is stunning - I love the way you have done the centre.

    It will be lovely for you to have your Mum there - I hope it isn't too warm for her, like Elizabeth, I remember her feeling the cold during her visit to Canada. I'm sure you will have lots of fun during her stay.

    Do they have anything like a Whittards over in Oz where you could try some different teas?

    Toni xx

  3. I love your mug, so CUTE!! Sorry the tea liking is still in the works, hope you find one soon.

    WOW WOW WOW that wreath is beautiful and awesome and I've ALWAYS wanted one. Way to go on doing it yourself, that is a lot of work but so worth it!!

    I love your sweet cards, good thing that new toy did fall into your cart. If you make more please share them, love them!

    How nice to have craft time with your mom, ENJOY!
    Happy T Day!

  4. Fun book text creations!!!
    Last year a friend in our local altered arts group brought in her rosette die and let us all make some...I had SO much fun and made a bunch...
    Thank you for reminding me it's time to get them out again :)
    Hope you find a drink you'll enjoy in that super mug!
    Happy T Day...

  5. I love how you used all those old book pages! The jingle bells for the center of the wreath are a great idea.

  6. Happy T-Day! LOVE your mug this week!
    I have the rosette die, and it can be addicting once you start cutting them. You made some beautiful cards with yours.
    I have always wanted to try one of those wreaths too. They look a little time consuming, but your end results are stunning. Please share the Christmas print one you make with your Mum, just might inspire me to take the leap and try one.

  7. Beautiful cards...my rosettes always come out wonky when I try to fold them by hand, so your tools are definitely more effective. Cute mug, and Beautiful wreath! I am having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit but the bloggers are trying to remedy that! Happy Tuesday!

  8. I'm in love with the wreath!!!! I think I might have to make one with all of the book pages I have laying around.
    The rosettes are lovely. I didn't know there was a tool to make them. I always just do the putsy folding.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Both the cards and the wreath are lovely. I often have things jump into my cart when I am shopping in a craft store, too! Hope you have a great visit with your Mom!

  10. Wow you make the most incredible "makes" and I adore that wreath. Just wish I had half your talent.
    Love the notelets, what a lovely idea to decorate them like that.
    Enjoy your mum time.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  11. I love how that fell into your cart--lol! I hope you find a tea you like. My taste buds went through a shift after I quit smoking, but after while I adjusted.

    I love that you and your mom are a crafting team!! :) :) Happy late T-Day!


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