Tuesday, 18 March 2014

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth and the lovely Bleubeard for T on Tuesday... with a frothy coffee! I still Treat myself to one of these once a day, even though I am dieting. (see, I got the T in there?) You have to have something nice to look forward to, don't you?  
This is what is outside my rental house here in Brisbane.... yes, our landlord has decided to sell the house so we have been pretty busy finding a new house to live in!!  It is sorted now though, and we move on the 8th April so you can have one guess what I am doing.....
Yes, I am packing... one of my all time favourite pass times.... not!!
and I thought I would finish up with a photo of Pandora
and one of Tom-Tom... don't laugh... but I had to supply photos of them when applying to rent a house.... LOL I have as yet to figure out why they would need to know what they looked like!!


  1. I can't believe you're packing again!! You seem to spend your life in and out of packing crates... at least this time you're not crossing continents... take care.

  2. Oh dear, what a lot of work for you. Hope all goes well with the move.

    The fur babies look adorable as usual.

    Toni xx

  3. Looks like your packing is pretty organized. Laughed that the new landlords wanted pictures of the cats but they are beauties in any case.


  4. Oh you poor thing, having to move yet again....but I imagine you are quite organized and an expert at packing.

    I could understand the potential landlord wanting photos of a dog...making sure they are not too large, etc, but what mischief could those two beautiful cats cause? :)

  5. I certainly don't envy you doing all that packing and moving but you seem to have it all together. I've never heard of landlords requiring pet photos but lucky for us we get to see your sweet kitties. Your coffee treat looks SO good, and yes, we do need to treat ourselves. Good luck with your move and happy T day!

  6. i'm glad you found another place to move. i've heard of landlords requesting the weights of pets but not photos. very odd.

  7. Now I know why you have been gone for so long with no word from you. What a mess. And you and Chris don't have that much longer there, either, do you? Wasn't his contract for two years? I feel for you. But I like the looks of that coffee. And I think your London shoe picture in the background is adorable.

    I can't for the life of me understand why you had to show photos of the "kids." Wonder if you would have to do the same with human kids.

    Thanks for sharing a taste of the world down under with us today, dear friend. I've missed you beyond belief.

  8. Well, by now you should have this packing thing down pat! I think I'll pretend to move, start packing and maybe I'll convince myself that I RAELLY do need to get rid of some stuff...LOL

    I've never heard of a landlord wanting pictures of pets before. Well, at least you have Picture Perfect Pets to show them.

    Happy T-day

  9. Hello and Happy T Day! What a nice coffee you have, I bet you need it to keep up on all the packing. It's not my favorite thing to do either. Good luck getting it done and glad you found a place so fast. Cute cats!!

  10. Oh, so sorry to hear about your upcoming move! Good luck to you. I know living out of boxes can be a bit of a nightmare for a time. Too funny that you had to supply photos of the furballs upon a future rent!!

  11. If I ever move again, it'll be too soon. I don't envy you. Glad you found a place tho! Maybe the landlord wants to make sure you had domestic cats :)
    Happy T day and good luck with the packing :)

  12. Happy T-Day!
    So very odd that the landlord wanted photos of the pets. Now I have an image of the landlord with a wall filled with photos of all the pets of all his renters. :)
    Those are lovely kitties! Good luck on the move. Well maybe you won't need luck. You are a pro at this.

  13. Adorable kitty photos, although it's strange that your new landlord required them. Good luck with your move, and have a Happy T Day!

  14. The coffee looks scrumptious, but the moving looked dreadful! I had to supply a picture of Karma for the office here. Supposedly in case she got out and they found a lost cat. ??
    Happy T-Day! I hope your move goes smoothly.

  15. coffee looks yummy.
    sorry you have to move. . . if i never have to move again, it will be too soon!

    love your kitty-cats . . .

  16. Moving is lame...although usually you are able to purge some items that you really didn't need in the first place. Pretty kitties. Are they from the same litter?
    That's good that you let yourself have the treat even when dieting. It's when you deny yourself everything that you want to rebel...or is that just me?!?

  17. Now there is a reason for my missing you. The fur babies look wonderful, and how resilient they both are to all this moving. I first thought it was time up and you were. coming home. Must be near that time.
    Good luck.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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