Thursday, 3 April 2014


Yes, I am surrounded by boxes... the packing is coming along quite nicely and as you can see, I have been busy! LOL

This is some of the scraproom pile... 

and the poor cats are scared they will be left behind by accident and have taken to spending their days in the cage just to make sure they go too! :)

This is the new house... 6 kilometres from the one we are in at the moment.
The view of Brisbane from the deck.

The deck looking back into the lounge.
So we move next Tuesday... wish me a nice smooth relocation and I will be back once I have unpacked all the those boxes and made it look like home!!


  1. I do indeed wish you luck - love the pictures, what views, how lovely!! your poor cats, that one did make me smile.... see you soon. xx

  2. Wowza! you are moving to a beautiful place. . . . do you have a guest room?
    can i come visit!

  3. ps: i love the cats in the cage picture . . . so cute.

  4. YOu are quite the PRO at moving. Even the cats have it waxed! Sorry you have to move again. It must be exhausting always hauling up your roots and going to a new place. At least this one is only 6km away and not another country! Best wishes for a smooth and uneventful move. See you in blogland when you get there.

  5. We wish you all the luck in the world. The new place looks wonderful and that view is fab.
    Annie x

  6. Oh Annette another move bless you - the new property looks gorgeous though and what a view!

  7. What wonderful views but what a pain to have to do all that packing...AGAIN.

    I'm surprised you don't dream of boxes as you seem to be forever putting things in or taking them out of a box so that you can relocate.

    I've been in this house over 20 yrs and thought of packing it up to go somewhere else just isn't something I want to think about.

    Safe move Annette.

    Toni xx

  8. I feel for you, but at least YOU packed your own boxes this time, and it will make it much easier when you unpack.

    I bet you are glad that driveway isn't in Calgary. I'd hate to have to shovel it!

    Aside from the lack of outdoor cat areas, this doesn't seem to be much of a letdown from the current house. And the views are lovely, too. Just think. Yet another new neighborhood to discover.

    The "puds" are sure well behaved. Most cats would run and hide if they had to sit in a container all day. Hug them both from Bleubeard and me, please. And have a safe move, too.

  9. New place looks stunning Annette, love that view. Hope the kitties appreciate their new home, and that they don't have to fly there!

  10. I envy the view from your new deck but the effort required to get there is just enormous. You are amazing.

  11. Your new home has a nice view and the deck seems airy and pretty. Hope your move goes smoothly and you are back to crafting soon!

  12. The view is stunning from that balcony, I'm imagining sitting there mid morning enjoying the sun with a lovely mug of coffee....heaven.

  13. What a wonderful view, and that deck is fantastic!! Good luck with the transition.

    Poor babies (cats)! Our dog does the same thing, only she gets in the back seat of the truck and won't get out. LOL

  14. AGAIN .............

    You totally Amaze ME LADY !

    Gilly x

  15. I love Brisbane one of my favorite places to live, you should try and catch up to Bridget she has moved there too. You have an amazing view. Gosh the cats seem to be used to moving by the look of things. I hope the unpacking goes well and you can get back to crafting soon. Welcome to Aus the best place to live.

    Hugs Eliza &Yoda

  16. I certainly do wish you luck with this move although you seem to be well organised, to the point the cats are ready to go too. The new house looks fabulous - I hope you will be very happy living there. Elizabeth xx

  17. Oh Heck! What a shame you have to uproot again. I have missed you on WOYWW but haven't been that active myself and for some reason I just had to see what you are up to today.
    Good luck with the move. Look forward to seeing the boxes and Tom-Tom and Pandora in the new place. I hope they have as wonderful an area to wander as they had in this one.
    Neet xx

  18. so how are you doing? it's been a while . . . are you all moved in?
    or did i miss something?
    hope all is good.


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