Sunday, 20 April 2014

I think I am sorted now!

I have managed to unpack the boxes and have found homes for most of it!
It is a smaller room than the last house, and I will have to get the sewing machine out of the cupboard when I want to use it... but at least I can sit and play and find stuff again.
I have to admit that if I don't see any boxes or have to move for some time, it will be a good thing! LOL Now I can spend some time playing and catching up on all the things I have missed in the last few months!
and look what was on my neighbours washing line?  A kookaburra, what a fluffy beauty he was!
I think he is quite young and he didn't seem to phased by me taking photos of him from every available angle.  I thought there might be some living around here as they doing their laughing their heads off bit early every morning and it sounds like it is in my back garden.


  1. Glad you are all settled in again! That's a beautiful "alarm clock"! Looking forward to see the results of your playtime.

  2. that is so great!
    i bet you are so excited, relieved, happy to be settling in. congrats.
    welcome back!

  3. Glad to see you have safely relocated and that you can get to all your stash again.

    Your 'early morning call' looks beautiful but I'm not sure that I would enjoy that kind of a wake-up.

    Hope the cats weren't too phased by yet another move and are settling in okay.

    Toni xx

  4. Good to see you blogging again, was only thinking of you yesterday and wondering how the house move was going. Hope your new crafting space inspires you to get crafting soon!


  5. Gorgeous new craft room, so much space, how wonderful. Love your pictures too,nature is a wonderful thing. Tracy x

  6. Well done you! Looks like you have been there forever! Cute bird, we were just watching our flock of mossies (finches) on our lawn this morning.

  7. Glad to see you've settled in, now for you to get playing again and making more fabulous things!

  8. It doesn't take you long to get organised does it! Looks good. Cute kookaburra. x Jo

  9. Great new space!

    Now it is time to PLAY!!

  10. I've missed you SO much. I keep thinking I should send up a flare, but I know you'd never see it from MY Oz (grin).

    Glad you and the "kids" are settled in and ready to make art for a change. I look forward to seeing what you make first, now that you are back with us.

    Hope you had a great Easter, too.

  11. Another move and another great craft space. Love the deck at the new house what a great place to relax, bet the cats will love it!

  12. Think I said it last time but I do hope there is somewhere for Tom-Tom and Pandy to relax safely.
    Looks good - and now you have me singing "kookaburra sits in an old gum tree-ee, Merry merry King of the bush is he" and so on - gosh takes me back to my Girl Guide days around the campfire.
    Hope you feel settled and it is for a while before you have to pick up those boxes again.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  13. So pleased you are back in...looking forward to seeing what you make once all is unpacked and sorted.

  14. Just catching up on old e mails and posts and saw you were sorted in the craft room, it must be a relief that you can now craft. Aren't kookas beautiful birds I love hearing them laugh. I feed them red meat when they visit my place maybe you should give it a go.

    Hugs Eliza


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