Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tag Envelope Book Thingies

I was in the groove and went ahead and made some more of those concertina style tag pocket mini books.  This one I really like in cream and black with just a touch of colour from the gems in the flowers. 
This is it opened with the tags inside the pockets.
The tags are quite a decent size with mounts and space for journaling. 
This version is in Kraft cardstock and muted colours with dragonflies on the covers. 
Inside with the pockets and tags in situ. 
Black and brown version which just felt right as soon as I started, so I think these really are my favoured colours to work in!  This one also has dragonflies on the covers. 
Inside with the tag in the pockets. 
Some of the tags showing plenty of room for a photo and journaling.


  1. Gosh you have been busy. Those tag books are fabulous.

    It would seem that now you've unpacked those boxes and set up your craft area, there's no stopping you. Enjoy your 'play' - the results are great.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh they are fab books but look complicated in making - loving the last one in particular!

  3. I'm glad you got all your boxes unpacked and have gotten down to the important stuff--these are all truly beautiful and inspirational!

  4. Beautiful mini tag books. I've seen these on YT and have thought about giving them a try. Yours are a real inspiration.
    Well done!

  5. Me likie. Me likie lots!

  6. What an impressive way to work your way back into crafting, after spending so much time packing and unpacking.

    I think my fav is the cream and black, partly because I like how you have positioned the tiny flowers on the tags. I couldn't think how to describe it, but I sure liked the attention to detail you showed.

    I also liked the last one, with the little tags. I have seen those little books before, but I think it was when you made them. These are fantastic. It makes me feel good that you are finally back!!

  7. I'm sorry I missed you last week on WOYWW because these little albums are just gorgeous... Have you got templates or a tutorial for us? I can see myself making these. Lovely!



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