Tuesday, 19 September 2017

It has been a long time....

I imagine that I will be talking to myself, it has been a heap long time since this poor blog got updated.  I don't have any excuses... I just didn't seem to have anything worthwhile to say.

I have been busy with my house and getting used to having Chris at home all day, every day, it makes it more difficult to play.  That must sound like he minds me sitting and playing and it couldn't be further from the truth, it is me that is the problem, I like to do stuff when I want to do it and in the past it meant that mealtimes passed and I didn't notice so carried on with whatever it was I doing.  Now with someone else in the house, breakfast is at a certain time, mid morning coffee and lunch are planned and catered for... in the old days I came out of the craft room in time to sort dinner and that was it! LOL 

Tom-Tom looking as gorgeous as always... 
Pandy doing her leopard impression!
I did teach the toilet paper mini book at Craft Club.  It's a lovely group of ladies and we meet up once a month to play at something new.  The toilet paper album went down a treat.
Made a mini album to attach to a wedding gift... the gift was a picnic basket and it came in a large cloth sack which the company thought was 'gift wrapped'.... yeah.... so this hopefully helped to make it look a bit more special! LOL
Another class I taught at Craft Club was the Bisto granule tub... the ladies had loads of fun with this!
Didn't they do a great job? 
So I haven't totally vanished... fallen off the planet edge or anything... I just need to make some time for me....and my blog! 


  1. well hello you!! good to see you and your blog again and that you are still managing - kind of - to be creative!!

  2. Lovely to see Tom-Tom & Pandy are their usual selves. Lovely to see that you are still crafting - I wondered if you had decided to call it a day.
    Great to see you back.
    Toni xx

  3. OMGOSH. How in the world did I miss this? I've been thinking of you a lot since I put your beautiful rust pages together in my book (talk about procrastinating).

    You are still making wonderful art. Seems to me, you and Chris should talk. He can make his own lunch and tea/coffee when the time comes, and you could join him for dinner. I know he would be amenable to the idea, since he is always encouraging you and your crafts.

    Hope to see you on your blog more and more. Even if it's to share some photos in and around your home and city. I for one, would love to know where you live (town, etc.).

  4. I forgot to mention that I thought of you as I was creating my Brisbane page tonight.


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