Saturday, 19 July 2008

Mother's Tag Book/Card

You will need the following:

1 metre of ribbon
1/2 sheet of chipboard
2 sheets palin cardstock
1 sheet of patterned paper
3 x standard sized envelopes (or make pockets from cardstock which is what I do)

Step 1
Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 15 x 10 cm
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 17 x 12 cm
Adhere your cardstock to the chipboard.
Score all the way around.
Step 2.
Trim back the corners and fold over your flaps securing them with double sided tape.

Step 3
Cut a piece of cardstock 30.5 x 8 cm
Score at 1cm from the short edge and then at 2.8cm intervals until the end of the strip (1.5cm should be left).
Fold in a zigzag method to make mountains and valleys.
Adhere this to your covers as per photo measuring 0.5cm from the bottom.

Step 4

Depending on the width of your chosen ribbon, make two long pockets for the ribbon to slide through. Mine is 25mm ribbon so I cut two pieces 50mm by 10cm and popped the ribbon through it and adhered it to the covers just at the top of where your folds are attached.

Feel free to skip this step if you want, I just hate getting the ribbon stuck to the double sided tape when pulling it in and out.

Step 5

Cut 2 strips of pattern paper 14.5 x 9.5cm. Adhere your papers into place on the inside covers.

Step 6

If using the envelopes, ink the edges and adhere them to the folds. Remember to place the cut opening of your envelope to the TOP so we can slide tags. Attach it so that the back of the envelope is facing the front as it will be covered with paper.

If you prefer to make pockets, cut 6 x strips of cardstock 19 x 10cm and fold in half to form a pocket. Use double sided to tape to seal two sides leaving the opening at the top.

Step 7

Cut 6 pieces of your remaining paper to 6.5 x 7cm. Adhere these to the front of your envelopes or cardstock pockets - whichever you did! :)

Cut 6 tags from cardstock (can be a contrast colour). 13.5 x 8.5cm.

Corner round the top two edges of each one. Place in your pockets.

Step 8

Puncht 6 squares and add your chosen letters (MOTHER) to each square and adhere to front of the pockets turning them diagonally to form a diamond shape.

You can now add photos and journalling to your tags.

Complete your cover by tearing a strip of patterned paper down the side and decorating it with some flowers or a small photo in a frame or slide.

Though it is called a Mother's Day tag book it will work just as well for any 6 letter word - Father, Brother, Sister, Friend - just change the papers!! If you have seen the blue version I made for a baby called Darwynn... yep, 7 letters, and to get that extra letter was a major faff so I would suggest sticking to the 6 for your first attempt!! ;) I have to say thank you to Michelle Van Wyk in Jo'burg for the original instructions - she is a brilliant scrapper/teacher and friend but I have changed a couple of bits which makes it work more easily.

Hope you enjoy making it and if you come back and head me in the right direction I would love to see your versions!!


  1. That's brilliant. You've gone to so much effort and spent so much time - thank you. I'll def do one of these - but don't hold your breath!! Will let you know when and where it is.

    Thanks again.

  2. This is brilliant. You've spent so much time - thank you.

    I will definitely have a go at this - but I'm not as fast as you!!

    Thanks again.

    romi (UKS)

  3. This is just beautiful. Thank you so much to the step by step guide. I will have to have a go at this (although not for Mum as she doesn't get my scrapping)

  4. WOWWEE!! Annette, that is brilliant - on the list to make when I get a spare hour.

    Oh, and by the way, yes I have ordered a bejeweller - you are so naughty for encouraging me!!! LOL

  5. Lovely book/card and such pretty colours.

    Toni :o)

  6. Wow! I have seen one of these in a magazine and yours totally knocks the socks off that is fab, thanks for the show and tell...I have made a note of how to make one and I will be having a go very soon!! love your Blog BTW, love your style ... Hels x

  7. this is amazing annette. A really special person to photograph each stage for those that wanna do it. gorgeous project , can you imagine receiving that !

    ok ... I will take the tag....

  8. Wow Annette! That is absolutely beautiful! You are a pro you know! Your mom is going to flip when she sees this! :)

  9. Ooh wow, looks fab. On my majorly long list of things I must try!!!!


    THanks a lot Annette you are a STAR (printing out for later)

  11. Annette you are one very talented lady ....again im loving your designs. Your inspiring me to try lots of things, and in turn spend lots of monies lol.

  12. OOOOH lovely and free instructions even better x

  13. Brilliant, well done.
    why not upload this onto Fiskarettes showing how to make one.
    chriss x

  14. Fabulous tutorial Annette - TFS ... will have to have s go! Yours is beautiful BTW X

  15. Amazing, so much work and effort you put into this and like your other creations it is stunning. Thanks so much for sharing it on the Fiskarettes blog, I can't wait to have a go at making my own :)
    Chris xx

  16. Really fantastic....will give it a go for sure...

  17. That book is so scrummy. Glad I made you laugh.

  18. Absolutely brilliant VV...and thanks for the "how to"
    It was well worth the wait to see what your "secret assignment" was !

  19. That is gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  20. Hello Mrs. Vixen. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :) Just wanted to say your beauty marks are.. well.. beautiful? :D

    The papers I used on my first layout are Prima.. I *think* 'Coquette' (oohh saucy)

    Mel x

  21. Oh my it's stunning VV, thanks so much for sharing it with us! Gonna have to give this one a bash!

  22. That is so pretty! Thanks for the instructions.


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