Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Please Vote for Charlie

I wonder if you could please help a friend out. Her daughter has entered her doggy in this competition to win a pencil portrait. Charlie is number 17, and you are allowed one vote per day.You will agree that he is gorgeous. And here are some snippets about him:"He knows far too many words for a dog including foxy, birdy, 'does ya', ball, toy, sock, birthday bone, treat, dinner, walkies, sit, stay, roll over, mr snowman, fetch it, find it." "he's just had his 7th birthday and his favourite present was his 'birthday bone' - a red rubber bone that treats can be stuffed into. Second favourite is Mr Snowman, a small fluffy snowman attached to a plaited bone"

You can vote here. You don't have to sign in or do anything but vote for Number 17.

Please try and vote daily between now and July 31st.

Thanks so much - Charlie would slobber you, if he could!!


  1. That is such a cute dog! I voted. He's behind by about 50 votes behind #16 right now, though. I'll try to remember to vote again tomorrow to help you out. :)

  2. Voted again - he really is such a sweetie, isn't he.

    Toni :o)

  3. I voted. Can't promise to do it every day though.

  4. I have been and voted and what a lovely photo of your friends dog.

  5. I have voted and will keep going back each day for him. He's a real cutie!! looks like it's just Charlie and number 16 in the running.
    I have Tagged you also :) hope you don't mind?

  6. I've just registered my second vote so hopefully Charlie will catch up in the next few days !
    I left a message on my blog VV in answer to the scissors but I thought I would pop over and let you know while I register todays vote. They are called Paper Edgers and are from Fiskars. I have three different shapes but they may do other ones...hope that helps x

  7. Have voted and he is very cute looking, looks mischevious too.

  8. there is a little something for you on my blog.

    and im off to vote again.

  9. I voted then tried to fool it into letting me voe again. Sadly, I failed! Ah well, I'll just vote again on the morrow!

    It was lovely to see you at the crop yesterday. Hope you have a safe journey over to Saudi and I will look forward to reading your blog!

    Take care,

    Brenda xx


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