Friday, 22 May 2009

Another bargain...

We went to Panda to do our supermarket shopping last night (I know.. its a really daft name for a supermarket and has nothing to do with panda's in the logo) and on the way to the check-out I found these really naff flower wreaths reduced to 1Riyall each... 1 Riyall = 16p so I bought a couple of them to the obvious dismay of Chris who wondering what the heck I was doing...

So this is what is left when I removed all the flowers!! I can see why they were cheap as that fir type stuff shed everywhere and would have been a nightmare if you had actually displayed them!
But this is what I ended up with!! Aren't they pretty? Perfect colours for the trunk!!

So for the grand outlay of 32p or 2 Riyalls I ended up with this lovely bag of flowers!


  1. Wow!! They are pretty and what a bargin wish I found bargin's that good He He......

  2. Gosh - you certainly know how to find a bargain! Very impressive!

  3. you and your think my friend think Im the bargain

    I went to our local markets last week and saw a gorgeous trunk, and you popped in to my head :0)

  4. What a bargain - lovely colours.

    Toni :o)

  5. Beautiful flowers - sometimes the naff things here give wonderful results.
    Love the trunks - they are looking so "travelled" now.

  6. Wow - now that is good bargain hunting!


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