Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Jigsaw Pieces

Two more pieces of the jigsaw swap completed! These were surprisingly quick... possibly because they didn't require a mini book on either piece! ;)

This is Dancing Frog's piece, her theme was woodland so I am opting for a springy woody feel!
This piece is my own and the theme is lizards. OK, I have a 'thing' about lizards and if anyone has ever received a piece of my work in the form of an ATC or mini book... somewhere on the back they will find a tiny little lizard as my signature. So, just two more pieces of the jigsaw to complete in the next couple of days and it can go in the post. The UK swappees have till the end of the month to complete but i have had to account for a couple of weeks in the mail. I must admit I am really looking forward to getting mine back as the pieces I have seen are really beautiful!

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