Saturday, 9 May 2009

I just love a bargain...

I found the equivalent of the 99p shop in Jubail!! Ooooh, its fab and I got loads of lovely tat for hardly any dosh...

I found these, aren't they brilliant? They are for carrying your mobile phone and have a little zip compartment for your money too. They cost silly money but anyone recognise the logo? Think French designer of the little black dress and perfume with a number 5 in the name....
Do I look like I care its a fake? LOL
This is a notebook I made for my hairdresser neighbour... it has a matching large peg for keeping her notes in order but I forgot to photograph and its now residing on her fridge...

Chris and I ventured off to Khobar yesterday to the big supermarket to fill our new chest freezer with decent meat and I had to stop and photograph this road name sign.... they obviously go for the concise, easily memorable name theory here....
And its Mother's Day here tomorrow - everyone seems to celebrate the US date and there is a lunch for the compound ladies and we each have to bring a gift valued at about £10. They then do this weird thing where someone picks a wrapped gift, opens it and decides whether they want to keep it... the next person can choose a new unwrapped gift or 'steal' the previous persons... yeah, its sounds confusing but I guess I will figure it out as we go along!! Anyways, I hadn't a clue what to get until I spotted this wooden trunk and then dollied it up a bit to make it look acceptable (I hope) so that's what I am going to wrap up and take with me!! I'll let you know what I end up with... The big tag has a poem by Marion Baker on it:

Precious Memories

I have a box of treasure
Belonging just to me
Containing priceless souvenirs
And full of history

I have a box of memories
I only have the key
To unlock the many secrets
And reveal the mystery

I have a box that’s precious
In so many different ways
Crammed full of recollections
Of countless lovely days

This box cannot be stolen
Nor damaged by mankind
My precious treasured memories
Are here within my mind


  1. That trunk is gorgeous. Lol at road name ....very funny.:0)

  2. The trunk is really gorgeous - no way I would send it on to the next person! And those little CC bags are fab - I don't think I'd be able to tell they werent the real thing!

  3. Go and have your hair done ... I want to see the large peg :0)

    I must go and book my flight so I can sit next to you tomorrow and steal that lovely trunk ... it looks really pretty Annette - I think you may have a fight on your hands when they all start trying to steal it off each other !

  4. Love your projects! I'd say your Mother's Day swap gift is gonna be the one to have!!

  5. I just love your treasure box...what a lucky person to pick YOUR gift.
    Wow to the CC finds! x

  6. I'm guessing there'll be a polite fight over the trunk!! Love it. And I wonder what the local shortened name for that Road is!!

  7. love the treasure box.. love the cheap tat as you put it lmao fantastic stuff as always xx

  8. Love your bargain finds Annette and had to chuckle at the road name but I am totally in love with the could you possibly part with something so wonderful.

    Toni :o)

  9. I love the chest, hope you end up with something equally as fab. Love the bargains as well. The notebook is really cute and such a lovely idea.

  10. Would fight tooth and nail to keep the chest LOL
    Can't wait to hear all about it
    I wouldnt like to be a cabbie and have to remember the street names!
    Hugs Tracee

  11. I couldn't bear to part with that chest! Did you buy two so you could keep one for yourself? :-)

    Thanks for the giggle about the road sign! What made me laugh most was the fact that after the hugely long name, they shorten the last word to 'Rd'. Pmsl!!


  12. Love what you did with that little chest.

    Oh no - you had to come past me in Khobar. I pass that sign all the time.

    Let me know next time. We'd love to meat (pun intended) you both on your next trip.

    Even if it is just to drop in for a cuppa during prayer time.

    You have better shopping up your way. Perhaps I'll even venture up there.

    Will be at Rastanura next weekend.

  13. Love the "Treasure Chest" xxx


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