Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

OK... first of all... I did some asking around this morning and it seems that the cat above was indeed a lovely black Persian a couple of days of go....

He is Tar and he belongs to Lorianne - the hairdresser!! LOL Just in case anyone is thinking that its awful to do this... Tar lays waiting for his summer haircut and loves his new look!! I did ask her if she could fit me in for a quick trim yesterday but after seeing the cat.... (just kidding Lorianne)!!

This jiggie piece is Wisher's and her chosen theme was waterfalls and she wanted a mini book on her piece.

So what do you put in a mini book with the subject of waterfalls? Yep, waterfalls.

I made a countdown list of the world's top 10 natural waterfalls.... and so far I have managed to see one of the top ten!! Victoria Falls in Zambia.
This jiggie piece is Leigh's and her theme was Egypt and I have had all sorts of problems with it... in the end I decided to scrap version one and try again... still not very happy so may have to tweak it a little before it goes in the post!

The mini book (yes, Leigh wanted a mini book on her piece)!! contains ink drawings on papyrus paper which I bought in Egypt when we were on holiday... I knew what Leigh's theme was before we went so searched out the tiniest artwork so tha tit would fit on a tiny page!


  1. Well I never! Fancy him waiting for a haircut lol, but I suppose it must be a relief for him in all that heat - be careful he doesn'tstart coming after Chris's sweat drink!

    I'm so glad Gypsy is doing well.

  2. The cat must be so relieved to get all that fur cut off ..... but it has to be said that he still looks a bit silly! Lolol Poor thing!

    Loving your jiggy pieces - and I'm still coveting that treasure chest. Why can I never find gorgeous things like that????


  3. Fab fab pieces...exactly how big are they?

  4. Super Jig-saw pieces.

    Tar reminded me of how my sister's cat was delivered from the cat protection folk but there was a good reason - Kiya has heart trouble and had under-gone surgery before being found a new home.

  5. ooh those are GORGEOUS, i love them xx


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