Friday, 23 October 2009


Pandora was doing really well after going to the vets and being spayed.  I new from experience with Mummy Cat that it would take about 10 days for the stitches to melt away and her fur to start growing back. Pandy quite enjoyed having little Tortie come in the house and visit and play with her and once they were both exhausted from chasing each other all over and under the furniture they settled into a little bundle of fur on the sofa and slept it all off!
Little Tortie thought she was in heaven... she had found exactly what she was looking for... a companion, food and a home with cuddles and smooths.  I am still amazed at the dramatic change in her from little feral hissy fit kitty to sleek little beauty with a loving personality all in 10 days. She has now been adopted by a family in the compound and found all that and more on a permanent basis... and is now called Layla.

From this to this...
Both Chris and I fell for this little bundle and we will miss her, she reminded us of Gremlin.
Anyways… Pandora, being Pandora, got a bug of some sort and didn’t feel very well and then decided it would be a good idea to remove her stitches early!! So another trip back to the vet in Al Khobar means she now has to have antibiotics for 6 days and must keep the wound covered… hmmm, pills and Pandora are not a good combination and I normally end up with scratches and bites so I ask the vet to give her the first tablet… after putting Band Aids on all the scratches and antiseptic on the bites he gave me the pills and wished me luck! Charming!! ;) He also put her in one of these stocking things to keep the wound covered… well, she had eaten her way out of that before I got her home from the vets so I had to come up with some fool proof covering….
It's one of those thick ugly leg bandages that old ladies wear... I snipped a section off and made holes for her arms and legs and having unsuccessfully tried to get it on her as a tube... gave up whilst I still had some skin left and snipped it up the back and then taped her into it!!
Shhhhhhhh, don't laugh, she will hear and she gets seriously miffed!!


  1. You take such wonderful care of those lovelies! And, I went in the other room to laugh so Pandy wouldn't hear! Hope she keeps that on and can heal up!!

  2. Oh hun, I cannot help but LOL at this...that poor little puddy in a bandage like that....looks so funny...and the way you described the giving of a pill to her...I am soooo lucky, AlfieCat just sits and opens his mouth and takes the pill..he is a seriously chilled out fella...good luck with the recovery for Pandora, hoping she is in fine fettle again soon xx

  3. Hope she doesn't find a way out of this and can heal without any more problems.

    Hope your scratches are doing fine.

    Toni :o)

  4. I did laugh at her in that stocking thingy but sympathized with you too as we have a couple of tablet haters.
    One we fool by grinding the tablet between two spoons ...or in a pestle and morter if its a hard tablet ... then mix with 2 tsp of tuna and serve to the hungry feline.
    The other is only fooled ONCE and then we have to try and try with more tuna ...or ask for medicine in liquid form if they have it or a slow release injection if we are very lucky ... both of which are usually more expensive needless to say !! GOOD LUCK xx

  5. I'm sure you've started a trend - we'll see the cats of the rich and famous wearing these soon! :o)

  6. Poor Pandora! Hope she gets better soon and that her dignity isn't too damaged by her new outfit.

  7. OMG I am dying here laughing!! what a fab photo.... we have terrible problems getting our cat to take tablets, I now crush them between two spoons, and hide them in a large spoon of tinned tuna in brine and she just laps it up, might save you being scarred.... Keep the photos and the blogging up, love reading it!

  8. Brilliant use of the leg bandage! Poor little thing. I tried to muffle my giggles so she wouldn't her me :)

  9. The last photo is so funny she will not have been amused no wonder all the tape lol It was a lovely stoty about Layla she is adorable it reall just shows what a little love & attention can do well done you

    Love Dawn xx


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