Monday, 26 October 2009

Shopping Bargains!!

OhI just love to get weird and wonderful things at bargain prices.  The other day I was looking for some buttons to finish off the jewelry organisor that I am making... I know, its been a while but it only needs a few buttons sewn on and it would be done!!  Well, I spied these buttons... big gorgeous buttons!!  I had to pick up a few as I think they would look great on a book cover or in the centre of a flower.  Now the buttons were about 30 pence each so I didn't go mad....

Aren't they lovely?? 

Then I went into Jubail on the ladies bus this morning and into my favourite shop... Big World!!  It has everything in it... ribbons, jewelry, tacky jewelry... and I found these brooches!!

I think they will be perfect in the centre of a big flower... and the brooches were all 8 pence each!!  LOL
Now I don't feel so bad that I can't get my mitts on all the lovely Prima flower centres.... and I bet they are more than 8p a piece!!

LOL... Julia raises a good point... because a lot of the ladies would never have ventured into a shop like Big World (it is all complete tat unless you are a scrapbooker) but now the place gets mobbed when we go into Jubail as they are looking at it all with different eyes!!  We have ladies now taking apart the gaudy gold wreaths and re-doing them in ribbon and berries for our doors at Christmas... ladies wripping the awful bouquets of flowers apart and making nice centerpieces for the dinner table... and nobody thinks I am completely mad anymore.... well, maybe just a few!! ;)


  1. AMAZING bargain for sure. They sure do BLING where you are dont they - must be to jazz up the blue or black outfits??

  2. Those are just fab - what a find!!!!!

  3. Oooh Annette they are all gorgeous, the ones at 30p each are divine but then the 8p brooches - absolutely awesome!


  4. How fun! I'd like to know if your shoppping friends on the ladies bus realise you buy all this 8p jewellery to cannibalise, or if they think your excitement is coz you're going to be wearing it!

  5. I have felt sorry for you as you are so limited with scrap shopping but you seem to have found your groove now - and I am terribly jealous, 8p for a broch! The spider web effect is three small circles of white icing and drag a tooth pick thru.... So clever, stole the idea from Bakerella.....

  6. Annette those are stunning and you are right they are a lot cheaper than some of the fancy bling you can buy here. Cany wait to see what you do with them


  7. OOOOooooo lovely finds :D
    Can't wait to see what you create,
    J xx

  8. Fab finds - have you made anything with them yet LOL

    Toni :o)

  9. I bow to you... the bargain Queen!! lol ;0)

  10. Beautiful sparkley drewling 8Pence Oh My Goodness the bargin wow!

    Love Dawn xx


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