Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Zutter BIA Design Team Announced!

So its been pretty busy on the Ning forum with the latest design team being announced this morning - Congratulations to all the new teamies! I am looking forward to seeing all the fresh ideas and wonderful creations. I have loved being on the DT and made some great friends whilst being in awe of their wonderful projects month after month. Luckily, we are not being disbanded and told to heave ho... Zutter's have created a spot for us as OZZ's.... that's Original Zutter Zisters... not OLD Zutter Zisters and we have our own cool logo!!

Thank you so much for all your nice words in my previous post... I am not ill, honest!! Just a check-up which is a lovely excuse to wander around in the splendour of such a place and sit and have a doughnut (or two) with a cappaccino!! ;)


  1. Glad Zutter are retaining their originals.

    Mmmmmm, a check up is certainly a great reason to enjoy all that splender - glad there was nothing wrong that prompted the visit.

    Toni :o)

  2. I love it Original.....that's you alright!

  3. Going to have to check out the site more often now I have my BIA :) Glad you are still on the team and with Linda on the team too - wow what a combination!

  4. Oooo I'm so happy you haven't been put out to pasture!!!
    Love your work, and its too fab not to be show cased :D
    Julie xx

  5. I am zooooooo excited ... Still *LOL* ...Congratulations hunny - you are zooooo talented they would have been mad to let you go X

  6. congrats on getting to stay, I know what it's like to think your DT is over and done with before you want it to be ;0)


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