Saturday, 18 December 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

It's been snowing here for over 30 hours but it's weird snow... it doesn't appear to lay and just flutters about in the breeze - logic says it must be ending up somewhere but my driveway doesn't need clearing so I don't much care!! :)  Chris took Mum and I to Chinook Mall to do some Christmas shopping yesterday - which is the most sensible way to shop when its -12 outside... you drive into the underground car park and spend a couple of hours in the mall and then return to the car....
I have the devil's own job remembering where I parked the car.... and as you can see... if you get to the parkade early you get to choose your space... and our name is West.... so Chris obligingly gave into my sadistic humour and posed for our chosen car park spot.... ;)

 which was great in theory but I had told Mum about the teeniest church on the side of the road at Fish Creek, I have looked longingly at it every time we drive by so with Mum in the car, Chris turned off the dual carriageway and found the back road so that we could see it properly.
St Paul's Anglican Church, Midnapore built in 1885
Isn't that the most perfect photo for a Christmas card?  I imagine that 15 parishioners would fill it to capacity, it is very small, and very quaint and reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. I will have to go back one day when it is open as the inside is all wooden walls and ceilings and quite beautiful.
Mum, Odelia and I had a massive cupcake making session, it was much faster once we set up an assembly line but it still took us 5 hours to produce these...
but Odelia still need 2 more for her list of gifts....
So Mum and I stayed up late and got the last two done...
Here is Mum looking as though eating cupcakes were on her mind rather than making them!
and Odelia looking mighty happy at seeing her Christmas present list nearly completed!
Had to make some changes to the corner with the tree early yesterday morning.... the presents were taking over and the tree was beginning to look a little lost, so I found a small table and plonked the tree on it so now it shows again!
Now, call me weird but I think the most forlorn thing at Christmas is a tree with no gifts so I have been buying a few bits and pieces that go under the tree and stay there so that it isn't bare.  I found a couple of lovely empty box books which are stunning but when I tried to get a photo of them Tom-Tom decided he should be in the shot....

Hmmmmm... big orange blur ruined that one...
So just behind his right ear.... are the books!
Hope everyone is staying warm and has hopefully completed the majority of their chores ready for next weekend!!


  1. Snow has hit here again Annette so as you can imagine, typical UK things grind to a halt.

    Thank you for your comment - all the cards that needed posting went on time but I'm not convinced they will get there on time due to the weather...remaining cards are all for hand delivery.

    Your tree looks fab...and no you are not the only one who thinks a tree has to have gifts under it - there are normally a couple of gifts that I have bought myself with money given so as I know what they are they stay wrapped until the tree comes down.

    Toni :o)

  2. Loved this post had a warm Xmas feel .... loved the church photo. Happy Christmas xx

  3. How incredibly yummy those cupcakes look! And I have the same problem getting my kitty to pose for any pic.

  4. Wow, I can't believe I missed this post. And I was home all day Saturday, too. Tomorrow will be my day to brave the cold and crowds. I was going to wait till Wednesday, then decided I had procrastinated enough.

    You did good by taking a photo of where the car was. I like Chris's smile. A brave man takes two women Christmas shopping on his day off. He needs some REAL cupcakes! He's a prince among men.

    And that church is awesome. I can see it on a postcard or Christmas card.

    Your mom looks like she's enjoying herself and your friend Odelia looks very happy and sweet. I see you have that craft room HUMMING!

    Had to laugh at Tom-Tom's photo op! He and Bleubeard seem to be the same. Get them close to a camera and they will become a blur in a heartbeat. BTW, can Chris see the tree, now??


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