Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW 15th December and Journal Your Christmas 2010

Another week closer to Christmas and another week further behind with my Journal Your Christmas!!  But... the good news is that on my work desk this week I have made a start on the journal.  I decided to make a change from the books I normally make and have made a box with hanging files inside for the days of the month. Chris saw it and said it looked nice but I hadn't made the box fat enough... he obviously remembered the problems I encounter every year with my Christmas Journal and how obese they become by month end... I am sort of hoping that the hanging space will be adequate but only time will tell!!
So here is my work desk this week... and yes, it is a bit of a mess by my standards... Julia would have no problem with it though, there is still green mat showing!! ;)
This is the front of the file box.
This is a photo of the top with the files hanging inside... I sat for an hour and dabbed glitter glue in gold, green and red on the the tops of the hanging files to cheer them up a bit and love the effect it gives.
This is day three... a work in progress about Christmas cards and I made a small version of the cards I made last week and have space for journalling on the inside.
and beside my work desk I have this.... and quite why Pandora has a duster beside her bed is a mystery to me because she never helps with the cleaning!
and this.... obviously Tom-Tom hasn't learned that ginger haired men should not be seen in red...
Here is the tree now it has lights... I think you can just see them faintly twinkling!
and here is my Christmas Angel Bear... I found a pair of angel wings whilst out shopping and have kitted him out for his tree top position!
On the way to Okotoks at the weekend I asked Chris to pull over so I could get some snow scenes...
I love this one with the bails of hay in the field.
How cool is this?  Mum in the back of the car with the winter scene reflected in the window. 
Don't forget to check out our desk leader, Julia, for the list of lovely desks to visit.


  1. Yep, a messy desk this week. But you have an excuse. You spent all that time dabbing glitter glue and didn't have time to clean up. I can't wait to see your journal, especially if you put as much detail in it as you have the one on cards. And speaking of detail, I'm in LOVE with the box with the file folders. Trees are everywhere at your place and mine, but yours are awesome.

    One thing I can say is, with all those goodies around that tree, Chris should have NO trouble seeing it, now, lit or not (the tree, not Chris).

    The fur babies look snug as bugs in a rug. You can't get Bleubeard in one of those. Maybe because he's too big for them.

    Like you, I loved the photo with the bales of hay. Looks like Kansas when there's snow, right down to the hedge rows, which are supposed to limit snow drifts.

    Your mom looks really happy and I'm so glad she's having a good time and getting to see some of Canada. Have a lovely week, dear friend, and when you have a chance, please send your mailing address.

  2. Wow i absolutely adore your journal and file box .Would love to know dimensions as love the file box?
    They idea to put glitter on the top of the pages of journal absolutely sets them off.Just stunning!
    Adore the snow piccy's mums not daft she stays in the
    So do your cats!Have fab wednesday and the creative desk is just creative not a bit messy!
    hugs judex

  3. That journal box is simply gorgeous. It must have taken ages. I love the tones of colour you have achieved with choice of papers and distressed edging. Beautiful!
    Chrissie #1

  4. Your tree is so cute and look at all the goodies underneath it! Amazing how cats can sleep through it all. Your file box is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW #5

  5. wow your stuff is amazing. I just love that book you made I wish I could really see it in person. the cats are cute and the winter pictures are beautiful. thanks for sharing so much cool stuff!

    Shirley Pumpkin #2

  6. Wow, awesome journal! I love all the wonderful details, it's truly gorgaeous.

    Your desk doesn't look messy to me. Hugs, Marjo #25

  7. Lovely idea for your JYC Annette - might have to agree with Chris over the box though LOL

    Great photos of the tree/cats/snow - you will certainly have plenty of pics for your scrapping.

    Toni :o)

  8. The file box is absolutely stunning. And what a great idea with those little glue dots; it invites you to pull out the files and get looking!

    Glad your furry ones are warm and snug amidst all that snow.

    Bernie #29

  9. Wow, you have been busy. I love your creations, you are SOOO talented. Your file box is a real work of art, as is your Christmas tree.
    The snow scenes look fabulous - it always looks much nicer in pictures than it is being out in it, mind you!

  10. Love the file box and your snowy pics. Just glad ours has gone now even if it promises to come back soon.
    If you fancy being in with a chance to win a little knitted Christmas bear and haven't already put your name down then pop over to my blog to be in with a chance :-)
    A x

  11. The journal box and hanging files is gorgeous, you must show us a picture once it is full. The winter scenes look lovely. Love th cat pictures and of course who wouldn't love a tree full of bears.

  12. I love your desk this week - truly christmassy and the snow scenes just give a fantastic festive feel - happy Christmas,


  13. Love all of your Christmassy Goodness!
    Susan xxox #16

  14. I adore all the detail in your journal file box. I can't believe you dropped those little itty bits of glitter on top! The kitty's are gorgeous and look so cosy in their bed. As for the snow and christmas tree it all looks so perfect.
    Sandra #57

  15. Annette WOW I love your idea for JYC it's so original - please please please can we have a tutorial or did you buy the blanks. Those papers are one of my favs most of my xmas cards are made with the same.

    Love the photos the one of your mum is fab xx
    laura 60 x

  16. Yep, a really busy desk today. Your file is a great idea - and it is self-limiting, what you can't get in you will just have to leave out :) How do you get your cats to sleep in their own beds - my Bonnie treats the official bed with disdain and makes herself comfortable in my husband's music room, under the keyboard. Love your Christmas corner and the snow photos are great. Elizabeth #71

  17. All of it is just lovely - the snow scenes and the bear tree which isn't a bare tree at all. In fact, hehehehe, we can barely see it!!!!

  18. I absolutely love your journal, it's such a fantastic idea. I'm days behind with mine, so you're not the only one!
    Your furbabies look so cosy in their beds, you wouldn't get either of mine in one of them, they prefer to sleep in the strangest places! Jules (30)

  19. Oh Wow, so much to see. Love your folders. Thanks for the peek. S #84

  20. So much to see today. Love your folders. Thanks for the peek. S #84

  21. Hey that box file is a sight to's gorgeous lovely. Although I fear Chris will be right. But never mind, you can build an extension! Maybe seperate the '12 days' if it comes to it. The tree is going to disappear under piles of gifts soon! Your desk may look untidy to you, but my gal, it's heap big organised and as you say, loads of green mat showing!!

  22. Fab photos and file. Hugs Pam x

  23. Where to begin on your very busy post. Great photos of journal, tree, sweet cats, mum and the Calgary countryside. Thanks for the look-see into your busy life.
    Vicki #94

  24. Your file box is lovely and so are those snowy pics. - Keep cosy!!

  25. Beautiful journal and box, looks like MME glitter papers on the outside! I bought them this year but haven't yet managed to cut into them! Love the views, hope you're having a great time with your mum. Regarding the front door wreath, you can get over the door hangers very easily or if your door is metal (as ours is) you can also get magnetic hangers too, that's what we're using.

    Brenda 83

  26. Love your project. Great colour scheme and definitely a good idea.

  27. Really love your Journal you have done, great colours and great design! cute Sleepy cats too! Thanks for the snoop!

  28. Love the messy desk:)) that's how it should be
    Happy Woyywing!

  29. What an amazing Box totally love it and that is what i call attention to detail on the hour with the glitter glue lol but totally worth it :)

    Hugs Janette
    Stamping Dragon Designs

  30. Love the way the hanging files are coming along and the beautiful wintery scenery but best of all I love the photos of Pandora and Tom Tom. They look so snug and cosy in their little beds, even if the Red does clash with Tom Tom’s fur slightly!


  31. Cute puss cats, lovely snow and a great idea for a journal.
    Sue xx 86

  32. I, too, love the hanging file box idea. Care to share some tips in a future post? Just like, did u construct all the hanging files or did ready-made ones help out? It looks fab!
    PS thx for visiting me!


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