Wednesday, 29 December 2010

WOYWW 29th Dec and JYC

All that preparation and hard work and there it is gone.... Christmas is over for another year and here we are doing another What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday... the last one for 2010!!
I am still plugging away at my journal pages... still way behind but if I could get a couple of hours of good scrapping time in, I am sure I could catch up!! LOL
I finally finished the weather page... it took me two days to find those little thermometers... you know when you have something but not a cookin clue where you have put them?  I looked in every jar and box in the scraproom and finally found them in a tub on the shelf but I think they are perfect for this page!
and my gift wrap page is completed - I love my gift wrap from this year... it is double sided!!  yep, double sided Christmas paper, I found a huge roll of it in Costco this year but as its 45 metres long I may have it for a couple more Christmas' yet!! ;)
Here is Pandora on the high ledge with one of my Christmas presents next to her... a wire dress form to go with the bird cages that live up there.
Tom-Tom also had to inspect the new item on the ledge.... 
Don't forget to check out Julia, AKA Chief Inspector Dunnit, for the complete list of desks to snoop at!


  1. I stopped by a few minutes ago and your post wasn't up yet. But it was well worth staying up for.

    I am going to have to declare you the Queen of Embellishments. You put more things on a page than anyone I know. AND, you do it with class because it's never overdone. I think those thermometers were well worth the hunt. They are the perfect embellishments for that page. And of course, I like the wrap page, too.

    I'm a bit envious of your wire dress form. Now I see why you liked the torsos from the scrapbook store. Yours is much nicer, I must add!

    Have a great Wednesday. I'm off to find something to eat, since I just realized I hadn't eaten today.

  2. I think your weather page is really cool! LOL no pun intended. Have a Happy New Year!! #4

  3. What alovely set of jouranl pages and wow love those wee embellishments especially the thermos well worth the hunt.Have fab new year wishing you health,happiness and Creative Craftyness in 2011
    hugs judex5

  4. The thermometers are perfect and the idea of documenting your gift wrap is perfect too! Look at that Pandora, keeping that shelf nice and dust free for you - makes me a little giddy but there is some nice new company for him up there! Have a Happy New Year! See you in 2011!

  5. I enjoyed my peek at your desk and into your neat house! Love the dress form and your pretty projects! Patsy from

  6. Theres always to much to craft and never enough time! I think we are always playing Your journal is looking great!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10

  7. The thermometres are perfect! A great Christmas wrapping page. Costco does sell big rolls of wrapping paper. I think my mom has one she purchased over 3 years ago...

  8. Well, here's a WOW from me for WOYWW. Although, lovely as your desk is, my wow is for the two fabulous pages you showed. They're gorgeous. It was definitely worth the hunt to find the thermometers. They add a wonderfully quirky touch to the vintage look. Just perfect.

    Happy New Year.
    cheers, rachel #15

  9. The thermometers WERE perfect for your page! - Thanks for sharing your space.

    I'm #20 on the WOYWW list this week. Stop by for a visit when you get a chance.

    Happy *almost* New Year!

  10. Very tidy, and lovely craft projects too !!

  11. I agree that those thermometers were well worth the hunt. And the dress form is beautiful. I love your pictures of the cats playing with their presents; I am sure that the little cage will be batted all around the house (when Pandora isn't doing her "I'm too cool to play" look!).

    Bernie #17

  12. Those little thermometers are so cute! Great pages. We have some double sided Costco wrapping paper too!

    The kitties look as inquisitive as ever :-)


  13. Your JYC is coming along - the pages are beautiful.

    The dress form is perfect to go with the bird cages - will you be building an extension at home for all these goodies? You have your wonderful mask wall so you will have to have somewhere to display the cages.

    Hope you get some scrapping time.
    Toni xx

  14. The wire dress form is perfectly adorned with Pandora at her side. Love those kittys. Well done for hunting out just what you needed for the journal page. I have a horrible habit of cleaning up and then I can never find it. Thanks for the last peek in 2010.
    Have a lovely new year.
    Sandra #29

  15. Another fab 2 pages, and i love your wire form, there so cute aren't they, i have a white one very similar.
    Happy WOYWW and wishing you a very happy new year
    hugs Minxy #33

  16. Love the dress form; and your page on gift wrap is brilliant! Thanks for the idea. Happy New Year. S #48

  17. What wonderful pages you've created. Your cats are so sweet.

    Happy new year to you.

  18. Gorgeous pages, they are perfect. Have a very happy and creative new year. (Love your tree, in the earlier post which i missed being away - it looked gorgeous)

  19. Your pages turned out great. I agree the thermometers are a perfect addition. I really like your gift wrap too; I must try the JYC next year.

    Happy New Year!!
    Carole #62

  20. Those thermometers were so worth the search - lovely pages too. The dress form is sooooo cute - and don't the cats just inspect everything. I wish you and yours a Very Good New Year. Elizabeth #57

  21. Great pages!
    Happy New year to you and yours
    Kirsty #43

  22. I'm here by way of Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog even though I'm a WOYWW-er as well. Your post today is wonderful and creative but I had to tell you how much I liked your ATCs that she displayed on her blog today. Love your industrial chic style! *smile* Happy New Year....

  23. I never realised how high that ledge is - you've gotta admire them for getting up there in the first place :D

    Happy New Year Annette :)

    CArmen #80

  24. Great goodies for me fo spy!! I love the dress form and the cages....
    Happy new year

  25. Your journal is fabulous! Love the wrapping paper page.
    Happy final WOYWW for 2010 and Happy 2011!
    Susan #13

  26. I LOVE your pages!

    Oh and your Kityy

    and that dress form!

  27. Gorgeous pages! Definitely well worth the hunt for those thermometers. I have 2 of them and think I'll have to scraplift your idea since I know where they are (for once lol). TFS!


  28. Wow beautifully designed journal pages!! I so wish I had time to scrap like that...looks like you had a lot of fun with them. And your wire sculpture is lovely so is your cat!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    Thanks for the peek!
    Tracey #86 :D

  29. Your journal pages are lovely - I love the thermometers - well worth the blessed hunt!! I like the idea of double sided gift wrap - are you hearing me, Basic Grey??!!!
    Late enough to have seen your zoo pictures - brrrrr, but wow!

  30. Wonderful journal pages! Great ledge with all the pretties on it, including the kitties. #75

  31. Wow love your journaling pages and yep the therometers were worth the hunt - have a great start to the new year ~ Nicky 38


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