Monday, 30 May 2011

The Cruise

So on the Sunday we finished our quick trip around the French Quarter of New Orleans and then got ready to start our holiday proper... a quick taxi ride to the port and onto the cruise ship, the Norwegian Spirit.  Now, you will see from this photo that I was unaware of the fact that the cruise line takes every opportunity of snapping photos of you... for blatantly commercial purposes!!  This photographer stopped us, told us stand in a spot and snapped this... heck, if I had known I might I have brushed my hair and put some lippy on!! And yes, I am blonde and I also suffer from senior moments but I'm not completely daft and spent the rest of the cruise side stepping the camera at every opportunity!!
We were given out 'stateroom' keys and headed directly there... the ship was huge and I knew with my complete lack of any sense of direction the next couple of days were going to be 'interesting' to say the least.  Luckily, Chris does not suffer from this and had the place figured out pretty quick... well, the restaurants anyways!! LOL
The room was a good size and we had our own balcony with sliding patio doors onto it, a huge bonus and I really think if we did it again, the balcony would be a must have... I don't think a small room with a port hole would be much fun after a couple hours!!
So I sat on the balcony and watched New Orleans go by...
and a few paddle steamers!
the Mississippi was very high and there were flood warnings... you can see the trees on the waters edge... with no trunks... the water was a couple of feet from the top of the bayou and if I had one of the people in the beautiful homes the other side.... I would have been exceedingly worried!
Chris and I on deck of the Norwegian Spirit... trying to find our sea legs!
This was the pool and bar area in the evening...
Me in the moonlight on the top deck with the moon up in the background.


  1. More lovely photos...what a super trip. The moonlight photo is fab.

    Toni xx

  2. whoa. wait.
    you came to new orleans and didn't look up MOI?!?!

  3. I'm really impressed with the images of and thoughts about your trip. I somehow missed this post, so I have some catching up to do. I liked your take on the room with a balcony. I bet this was a pretty decent room. And the moonlight shots are delightful. So much better than the one the ship's photographer took.

  4. I do quite like the photo of you at the top.... you DO look so happy :) Still.... you look more comfortable and at ease in the other beautiful photographs. I'm sooooo jealous (still!)


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