Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's a BeauTEAful Tuesday!

Here comes the sun... da da da da..... hmmm, ok, I won't give up the day job ('what day job?' asks Chris) just yet because tone deaf and me have quite a lot in common!!  It's only 8 a.m. and its sunny and 16 degrees and sunny and I am having my tea on the deck.... and did I mention the sunny bit? ;)
Now, having morning tea on the deck sounds pretty hifalutin' doesn't it?  LOL  It is a very small deck... the type of deck you get up close and personal with your guests.... but when Chris was home last week we went to Ikea for the $1 breakfast and picked up this little table and two chairs so that when the sun finally decided to pop out in this neighbourhood I would be ready for it!!
Tom-Tom and Pandora watched me through the patio screen door... as you can see they are not terribly impressed that I am out and they are under house arrest!!
and yes.... it is 16 degrees!!  Wooo Hooo!  I always want to refer to this gadget as a thermometer but I know that's not correct (I certainly would not want this put where the sun don't shine if you get my meaning)!! I am not sure if barometer would be correct either.... so weather gadget thingy will have to do....
If you want to see what the other Tea on Tuesday ladies are up to, pop over to Kimmie's for the linky list.... I am going to pour myself another cup of tea and soak up the rays.... it's been a long cold lonely winter...


  1. This is the PERFECT Tea Tuesday post. I can't wait to sit on my porch, which is marginally larger than your deck. Will spring ever arrive there? Of course, your weather is definitely chillier than mine unless that is 16 degrees C (which is about 62 degrees F).

    I have to admit that the look on Pandy and Tom Tom's faces is PRICELESS.

  2. How marvellous. Sixteen degrees of sunshine feels like a bright warm bath - you have had a long winter! Like the little deck, perfect for not having to sweep!

  3. Like your little decked area, glad its warming up & you can go out witout a snowsuit on :D

  4. Well it might be 16 degrees but it certainly looks like a beautiful day and your new table and chairs are perfect for your deck. :)Our kitty likes to go out on the balcony but hates it when I close the door on her. She likes to know she can get back in whenever she wants. :/ Have a great rest of the day. Tammy

  5. Your kitties look quite perturbed :)
    And you know they do tend to hold a grudge too :)
    So watch your back .... Or at least the back of your legs ... Especially if you're in shorts on a day like this! You are a lucky duck .... We seem to be quite stuck in the 50's (frarenheit) ... I think that's about 10c?

    Enjoy it! No matter what evil eye the kitties give you ;)

  6. i sat outside for the first time today...on my little patio...watching the birds and soaking up the sunshine...happy t day to you!

  7. I LiKe your deck! It's cozy!
    Congrats on the warm up. Definitely a day to celebrate!

    No tea post for me today (I am STILL under reconstruction!), but I am visting everyone else today (I NEED a break!)

  8. Your cats are so CUTE!!! your orange and white one look almost identical to mine. Mine's a big boy at 16 pounds. TFS! Enjoy your beautiful day!!! :-)

  9. I'm glad Elizabeth did the conversion for me because that was just too much work for my little brain this afternoon. We're at 80°F and sticky humid today. BLAH!

  10. Isn't it lovely when the sun shines. Oh look at them with noses pressed up to the window, did you feel guilty.

  11. What a cute deck and a fab place to sit and enjoy your early morning cuppa!

  12. I love your deck and the table and chairs are just perfect.

    It looks like a lovely day there - hope you enjoyed your tea in the sunshine.

    Toni xx

  13. Love your morning sun table and chairs...looks a perfect spot...being in the sunshine can add a good ten degrees!

    Cute fur babies you have there!

    Happy T day to you and yours!

  14. Your deck does look very sunny and inviting, just the spot for a cuppa, and I'm sure your two beautiful cats would just love to curl up in a sunny spot with you. Enjoy the warmth and happy Tuesday tea to you. xx

  15. Cats sure don't like closed doors :) The Sun feels so good at this time of year--after the long winter!
    'Thingy' works for a lot of things :) and women seem to know exactly what it is!

  16. I'm glad that the sun is finally starting to shine!

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