Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Another week disappears in a flash and its time to reveal the state of my desk.... which actually looks pretty similar to last weeks desk because I am still working on the book I am making using the Graphic45 Curtain Call papers...
I am at least on the home stretch and the fun bit of it now.  I'm not sure how other people make their albums but I do it in layers... pages, backgrounds papers, photo mats, ribbon, lace, chipboard all gets done in a sequence so all my pages tend to be in the same stage of progression... I am now at the 'add the fun bits and bling it' stage.
Now it is all bound and easier to work with...
I love the way that bird cage turned out... all glittery and golden!
I have a niece in Paris who went to drama school for about 7 years and I figure this would be a perfect way to display all the photos she has of different plays and shows she has been in.... so the call has gone out to email me the photos... hopefully she will manage to translate the email and actually send me the pics but I have learned through experience that I could be waiting a looooong time!! LOL
The papers are so beautiful it is hard to actually chop them up or cover them up so I have gone the route of using them as flaps and lift ups to reveal the photo mats and journalling spots.
Loads of space to add the pics and story...
Have used lots of pockets for tags and envelopes...
and another pocket pages with envelopes...
and I made this clapperboard to go with the movie theme...
which contains a pull out with extra pages and mats for pics and journalling.
Pop on over to Julia's for the linky list of desks to snoop about in!!
I won't be here for the next two Wednesdays as Chris is taking me on my very first cruise!!  Wooo Hooo!  We are off to New Orleans and then pick up the cruise ship which is going to take us to Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize, Roatan, Honduras, Cozumel and back to Mexico.... and we are going to swim with dolpins!! I will try and get online and blog some pics of the sunshine and stuff.... ;)


  1. love the book and purple basket Thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long to WOYWW 104 - the 2nd anniversary, #2 - Sarpreet

  2. Stunning book, and I love all the LOs and details.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  3. Your book/Album is absolutely beautiful.I adore making albums and books.Im sure she will love it once it's completed.
    Happy Creative wednesday
    hugs judex 8

  4. Annette, this is such a stunning album!!! Wow, your niece should send those photos pronto! Does she even know what you have for her?? Lucky girl!
    Have fun on your cruise!!!

  5. Beautiful book - so much detail. Enjoy your cruise! TFS Elaine #16

  6. Fantastic book! bet you have enjoyed every minute of making it! Enjoy your cruise - I love New Orleans its my favourite US destination. Sunshine Girl No. 24

  7. absolutely gorgeous book, and have the most fabulous time on your cruise :))
    Happy Woywwing!
    Jennie #7

  8. Annette the book is absolutely gorgeous as always! Haven't done a proper book for ages - may have to drag some photos out etc!

  9. Your book is completely stunning!! Have a fabulous holiday.

  10. The album is stunning ... beautiful papers.

  11. Wonderful book... the theme is great. Have a great week

  12. Wow!...............

    This is stunning Annette, such a lovely book - certainly something to treasure.

    Toni xx

  13. Happy WOYWW101, Annette,... only 3 to go..You have been busy, and think you should send your niece some idea of the album you have for her.. she would send it fast then!! although I know what my nieces are like too... It is just gorgeous, thanks for sharing and all best with your sales too
    Shaz In Oz.x #21

  14. having received my gift from you (featured on my blog today- sorry for the photo that Does Not Do It Justice) I know this album will be even more delightful in real life, I am going to have to persuade you to do a page in one of my altered books methinks....


  15. Your album is really stunning.
    A x

  16. Well doesn't that look fab? I love seeing the progress week after week. That table and chair on the deck looks like the perfect place for a cuppa (although to be ohnest for me it's more likely to be a big frosty ice-filled jug of iced tea with lemon!)

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne

  17. I work on a whole page at a time..which is probably why my pages aren't ever as rich or interesting as yours. YOu really have some great ideas for using but not cutting up papers..your neice will LOVE this. Have a super super holiday. But really, don't post green eyed monster can't take it!!

  18. It is looking more fab with each week - do you have a special challenge or site in mind to show it off - love the colours, played with the same this wee too.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at 5

  19. Gorgeous book! Love those papers, I've not even seen them in person yet lol. Have a splendid cruise! TFS! #74

  20. I definitely have book envy..... Gorgeous, Annette, just gorgeous. Your niece is one lucky girl!

  21. I work both ways. For most of my work, I make each page at a time. But for the puzzle, I made all the backgrounds first. I guess it depends on the project. Your book is SO full of detail, I can't help but love what you have done. I also have trouble using that stunning designed Graphic 45 scrapbook paper and chopping it up. I have one sheet and one set of tags, and simply can't bring myself to cut into the sheet. That is the ONLY scrapbook paper I truly LIKE.

    So you are going on a cruise. How awesome. I'm tickled for you. And you are going places you have started collecting "little collectibles" from. I think you are going to enjoy the trip and have a lot of fun swimming with the dolphins. I'm delighted for you. You will be missed, though.

    I know. I missed WOYWW this week, but had to stop by and see what you were working on.

  22. As always your books are just amazing Anette! Love everything about it! Just used the fairy papers in the some make and made my own mini book - nothing as fantastic as yours though!
    Happy WOYWW

  23. Thanks for sharing your book...what great images and eye candy on all of those pages! Happy WOYWW!

  24. I love it when you make things like this and share them with us. you fascinate me with your work which is just stupendous.
    Thanks so much - Hugs, Neet x

  25. That book is gorgeous! Love your style. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #102

  26. Absolutely love the book and the use of Graphic 45 papers. It's amazing!

  27. Love your book. Don't you just love Graphic 45 papers?

  28. This is just awesome!!! I'm so impressed and I love it. In time (who knows when) I'm going to get busy with my Zutter and will definitely be looking to you for inspiration. Wonderful inspiration here. TFS

  29. Ooooh, that's stunning. I love all the little flaps and pull-outs and the fabulous theme for your Parisienne niece. Tres chic!

    Have a fabulous cruise - looking forward to hearing about it, and those dolphins. Are you all packed and ready to go?


  30. Fabulous book! I adore the bird cage, it's gorgeous. I'm sure your niece will love it, it's a real work of art.
    Thanks for sharing
    *hugs* Sal x

  31. How amazing is this ..I love the colours and all the wonderful textures.. amazing!

  32. Your album is fabulous! I absolutely love it! Your niece will be thrilled no end! Patsy from

  33. Really love your book :)
    When I'm making a book, I do all the background papers and then start adding. Yours is so beautifully decorated!
    A cruise sounds so exciting--have a wonderful time :)

  34. Fab work on your album - each page a little treasure!

  35. Really adore your book! Very Inspiring. Shaz #106

  36. Your album is gorgeous. The papers and all the little bits are fantastic. I have a ballet dancer niece and she would rip your arms off for this!!
    Sorry I am late but blogger packed up in the middle of my rounds!

  37. your book is

    of darn good


    I love that book and that is all there is to it.

    A cruise?

    Grr.. i need a cruise.


  38. Love the flaps! Now I know how to not cover up the pretty papers! Thanks for sharing.
    Becky 138

  39. Hi, just popping in to say hello as Mr Blogger interrupted play for me this week - love the album and can quite understand that it was difficult to cut up and cover that paper because it is so gorgeous. Elizabeth x #140

  40. Wow! That book is amazing Annette. I love all the new Graphic 45 collections and would struggle to cut/cover them up as well!
    Have a fabulous time on your cruise.
    Fiona x

  41. Have a wonderful trip - we are hoping to get to New Orleans on our visit next month.


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